Why Is My Hair Falling Out Every Day?

Are you facing the problem of hair loss? Do you see continuous fall in your hair? Are you worried due to the problem of your hair fall? Hair fall is a great issue and disturbs the mindset of an individual.

You may lose around 60-80 strands of hair every day due to hair brushing, hair washing, and hairstyling. However, if the number of hair fall exceeds 60-80 strands in a day, then it is a cause of great concern. Hair fall may occur due to various reasons. Let us here discuss various causes of hair fall.

Two main causes

One of the major causes of hair loss is lack of nutrition. Your hair may fall excessively due to improper nutrition. It is very important to feed the hair with appropriate nutrients, so that hair grows healthily and strongly. Foods such as fish, milk, yogurt, nuts, soybean, green vegetables, and eggs are rich sources of vitamins and minerals for hair growth.

Hair loss may also occur due to excessive exposure of the hair to heat. The heat-generating hair styling equipment such as hairdryer, curling iron, and flat iron generate heat, which spoils the health of the hair and results in hair loss. Therefore, the use of such equipment should be minimized.

Use of inappropriate hair care products such as shampoo and conditioner may also result in hair loss. It is very important to make sure to use appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair type so that the hair remains healthy and strong. This would help a great deal in preventing hair loss.

Lack of moisture in the hair is also one of the reasons for hair loss. It is very important to keep the hair well moisturized, so that hair fall is prevented and hair growth is promoted. Massage the scalp with warm olive oil at least twice a week to keep the hair moisturized and healthy.

Another factor that is responsible for hair fall is the lack of hydration in the hair. You should make sure to drink a lot of water in a day to keep the hair well hydrated and strong, thus helping to prevent hair fall.

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