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Hair Facts – Thinning Hair

Scads of people suffer from thinning of hair or hair loss. With the advancement in technology, there are a wide variety of measures that are available to take care of this distressing problem. There is a cycle in the growth of the hair. A strand of hair has a lifespan of 3 to 5 years after which it falls off. The hair follicle then produces a new strand of hair.

At times however due to some medical problems, the hair follicles are unable to give birth to new hair. This is when the problem of thinning of hair appears and becomes a cause of concern. The good news is that help is at hand in the form of haircuts, hairstyles, hair care products, and surgical methods, all of which are designed to create the effect of a fuller head of hair.

Chemical Treatments for Thinning Hair

If hair is examined closely, it can be seen that there is a smooth feel to it. However, when hair is colored, bleached, or subject to any chemical treatment, the scales in the hair would open and this would look at a fuller head of hair. This is the reason why hair appears to be more in volume when it is colored.

There are many hair care products as well that would help to give a fuller growth. You can start by using a shampoo that would plump in some thickness. These volumizer shampoos would enter the scales of the hair and open them thus giving body to the hair. You can also apply castile soap or dish soap if these shampoos are not available.

Cosmetic Solutions

There is also the option of spraying the hair using a good spray while keeping the hair upside down. When a volumizer is purchased the instructions should be read carefully. Many hair lotions are available that promise to pump up the hair.

There are many cosmetic solutions including hair building fibers that blend with the hair to give the appearance of a fuller head of hair. These can be used after hair has been washed and tried. These hairs are charged with a lot of static electricity that bond with the natural hairs and give the hair more substance. These are quite safe and stay for a long time in the hair.

External Devices

This method is safe and is not known to have any side effects since the time it has been around. An external device can also be used which when used on hair creates the appearance of a fuller head. Devices may include human hair, synthetic hair, and sometimes a combination of both. These are attached to the hair using a wide variety of techniques. There are weaves, bonding, fusion, cabling, beading which are secured to the hair of the client.

Surgical Treatments for Thinning Hair

There is the option of going for a laser enhancement that makes use of nonthermal laser light to give a thicker look to the hair. Hair transplants are also a wonderful way to have a fuller head of hair. One of the most opted ones is the use of grafts. Sections of healthy hair are taken from one side of the scalp and transferred to the place where there is thinning hair.

This results in the head looking covered up. Flap surgery is another method wherein a section of a bald head is replaced by a strip of the scalp that has hairs in it. Another method that is used is called scalp reduction. This involves making cuts in the scalp and removing the portion that does not grow hair. The healthy portions are then stitched together. There are no side effects of these hair transplants. An expert should be contacted to minimize the chances of complications drying hair transplants.

Haircuts and Hairstyles

Various haircuts give the appearance of fuller hair. Depending on the shape of the face, the hairstylist would be able to recommend hairstyles that would make the hair appear fuller. Hair can also be tried in different styles to give that look of a fuller head of hair.

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