Sudden Hair Loss

Sudden hair loss can occur under certain circumstances and men are affected relatively more than women. You have to face hair loss unless you lead a healthy life, both physically and mentally. Hair loss is inevitable as nutrients from food are supplied to all vital organs in the body primarily and to the hair and fingernails in the final stage.

Hence, if there are any nutrients deficiencies it will certainly show in the form of hair loss. There are various reasons for sudden hair loss ranging from medications, treatments, hormonal imbalances, or stressful situations. You need home remedies that apply natural herbs to eliminate the root causes of hair loss problems.

Causes of sudden hair loss

Sudden hair loss can occur after a major illness or due to certain medications. Birth control pills and certain medicines prescribed for cancer patients can also trigger sudden hair loss. Inappropriate hair care procedures and using harmful chemical treatments on hair can lead to unnecessary hair loss.

Thyroid diseases and hormonal imbalance during and after pregnancy can also cause sudden hair loss. Emotional stress, accidents, surgeries or physical trauma can cause hair loss. It is necessary to make lifestyle changes to tackle sudden hair loss and consult a healthcare professional to track the underlying conditions. Heredity factors also cause sudden hair loss as you may have the genetic nature to lose hair.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

In addition to having a healthy diet, you can try the following herbal remedies to restore healthy hair. Apply a mixture of honey and a few drops of Kanta karika juice on the scalp to prevent hair loss. Extract the oil of Sagvan seeds and rub this oil on your hair to get significant results.

Massage of aloe vera gel before washing hair with warm water gives remarkable results. Massage with coconut milk over the scalp is also very effective to reduce hair loss. Powder made from Shana seeds is added with a few drops of castor oil, coconut oil, or sesame oil and could be used on the scalp regularly to stop hair loss. Bhangra juice is also effective in the prevention of hair loss.

The essential oil of rosemary is used for healthy hair and its rich antioxidants encourage hair growth. Horsetail has high silica content and rich in minerals that promote good blood circulation to the scalp and work as a hair tonic. Jojoba oil and meadowfoam oil can help prevent hair loss. Linden flowers help bring shine to the hair. 

Herbal remedies for sudden hair loss

Ginkyo Biloba is a popular herb that can improve blood circulation on the scalp. The increased blood circulation can supply more nutrients to the hair follicle thus encouraging hair growth.

Green tea, which contains catechins, is believed to be effective in preventing and treating male pattern type baldness. You can enjoy cups of green tea each day to refresh yourself as well as to prevent hair loss.

Fo-ti, a Chinese herb has been used from ancient times to reduce hair loss.

Pygeum, which is obtained from tree bark, is widely used to treat hair loss and prevent baldness.

Saw Palmetto is a well-known herb identified to block the formation of the hormone DHT. Saw palmetto promotes hair growth and prevents further hair loss. 

Stinging nettle, another herb, has magical effects in preventing sudden hair loss due to its ability to block the conversion of testosterone into DHT. It is more effective when combined with other herbs such as pygeum and saw palmetto.

Avoiding sudden hair loss

Proper nutrition and good care of hair can reduce sudden hair loss. You must avoid harsh hair treatments used on the scalp such as coloring, perming, and curling. Overall health and good conditioning of hair will help you overcome any hair loss. You can also benefit from an array of home remedies using natural herbal products.

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