Styles for Thin Straight Hair

How to straighten your hair?

Craving for beautiful, straight, and stylish hair? Are your crazy curls being a hindrance, to your plans of leaving your hair open for a party? Then this is the right place for you to learn some great tips on how to straighten your hair. It is always advisable to accept ourselves as we are. However, if you are still determined, then follow these easy steps, which explain with clarity the tips on how to straighten your hair. After all, it is never harmful to experiment a bit and change your outlook.

Steps on how to straighten your hair: – Styles for Thin Straight Hair

First, wash your hair properly and condition it. Gently dry your wet hair by wrapping it up in a towel. Remember that wet hair is very susceptible and a slight pull will uproot your hair. A spray that will protect your hair from the heat has to be gently applied to the hair. The heat generated by the blow dryer may spoil your hair. That is why this protective coating is applied.

Products that you could try as effective heat protection sprays are Nexxus Heat Protexx, Redken smooth down, Chi Silk Infusion, and others. Blow-dry your hair. It is important on your part to ensure that the blow-drier is pointing in the downward direction. All the hair follicles will point down and the hair has an extra shine to it. Use a flat iron next to straighten your hair. It is better to opt for an iron that has flat blades rather than round ones.

Make sure that the flat blades are made of ceramic. In case, your iron has a button for steam, then it is even better as it would prevent your hair from completely drying up. It supplies a sufficient amount of moisture. Next, decide on the temperature setting of the iron. In case your hair is very fine or is damaged, then use a lower temperature. For normal hair, prefer a temperature setting that is neither very low nor very high. For those of you, who have very thick hair, use a higher temperature setting.

Tie up most of the hair using a clip but leave the bottom layer. You will notice that some of the hair always tends to remain clubbed together. Consider these also for straightening. Straighten up this bottom layer with the help of iron. Then proceed with the next layer and again straighten it. In this way, this process is repeated until all the hair is straightened up to suit your choice. This division of the hair into sections and the segments actually saves a lot of time, since all the heat is applied evenly at small segments, thus requiring less time. After you have finished, all the hair should be brushed together. You might also use a hair spray.


In case you are in a hurry, don’t try to straighten your hair when it is still wet. It is almost equivalent to actually boiling your hair. Blow-dry it first and then straighten it. Usage of a lot of heat protection spray is not advisable as it will make the hair look greasy. Depending on the hair thickness, the time required for straightening may vary. Don’t try to hurry things up by increasing the temperature setting.

Apply the right temperature which your hair can withstand. Otherwise, you are at risk of spoiling it completely. By mistake, don’t touch the hot part of the iron. Your fingers will get scalded. Hair should not be straightened for too long as it would lead to permanent damage. The frequency of hair straightening should not be very regular. The hair will dry up otherwise.

More tips on how to straighten your hair:

Use a ceramic flat iron. They cause much less damage than the ones having metallic flat plates when you straighten your hair. Besides, flat irons come at a range of prices. It is easily affordable. They are easy to use. You can iron your hair yourself at home.

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