Skin and Hair Care During Summer

To laze around on warm sunny days on a beachside, with a cool breeze caressing you is an enchanting experience. But when you are exposed to UV radiation it damages the skin and hair. You may enjoy your day at the pool during the hot sultry days but the chlorinated water can cause havoc to the skin and hair.

The ideal way of getting into the pool is to wet your hair completely with clean fresh water, this saturates the hair, reducing the damage that can be caused by the pool water. You have to rinse your hair immediately, after coming out of the pool.

When hair is exposed to harsh rays of the sun it becomes dry and brittle. You have to use sun care products to replenish moisture and restore shine to hair weakened from sun exposure.

Treat your locks with a good conditioner, hot oil hair treatment rejuvenates the hair. Give a try to some of the amazing home ingredients such as fenugreek, garlic, etc to get shiny, soft, and silky tresses. Yogurt can work wonders giving glossy hair.

Indulge in a hair mask with fruits such as banana, avocado to make the hair manageable. Essential fatty acid restores luster and strength to hair. It abounds in olive oil and safflower oil. You can try Shea butter to enrich and restructure dry hair from roots to end. Provitamin B5 is a hair booster it can add volume to limp hair, increase luster, and retains moisture revitalizing it.

Skin care tips

Skin too needs similar care; rinse your body before and after spending time in the pool or ocean. The best care you can provide is to reduce the time spent in chlorinated water.

The sun-soaked skin responds well to shea butter, cocoa butter to give smooth and soft skin and prevents sunburn. Cleansing and moisturizing are integral to summer skincare. Exfoliation can slough off cells revealing healthy and fresh skin.

Go for products enriched with collagen and aloe vera that replenish, moisturize, and soothe the skin. Vitamin C and E can alleviate sunburns, and prevent wrinkles. They are great skin boosters. Rosewater is wonderful skin toner; it treats sunburns and cools the skin as well.

You can drench yourself in the sun, enjoy the blissful sunny days but take care to maintain the health of your skin and hair.

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