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Hair, whether it is long or short is always nice to look at when it shines. Shiny hair is every woman’s envy. It makes the hair’s texture appear smooth and finished. It is also nice to feel soft and shining hair. Adding shine to your hair is no difficult task. We give you some easy tips in this article to make your hair shine.

Why does the hair lose its shine?

The hair loses its luster only when it is devoid of moisture. Before we discuss hair masks, we need to understand what causes the hair to lose its moisture. Excessive shampooing with a strong shampoo (most of the anti-dandruff shampoos are strong), using the hairdryer too often, and staying out in the sun for too long takes away the moisture from your hair. Too much coloring and bleaching are also known to be detrimental to the hair. Your hair ends up looking dull and as dry as a strand of straw. So avoid all of the above practices as far as possible if you want your hair to retain its moisture.

Some homemade recipes for adding shine to your hair:

Conditioning your hair works best to make your hair shine. What can be a better way than adding egg, the most natural conditioner? Mix an egg in a small bowl and apply it to your hair. Leave it on for half an hour and wash it away with a mild shampoo. Besides adding shine to your hair, eggs also nourish your hair. Being the highest class of proteins, they can do wonders for your hair.

Lime juice when mixed with a teaspoon of vinegar or a teaspoon of honey mixed with two mugs of warm water when applied to the hair works great to boost the shine. They align the cells of the hair flatly and provide a good reflecting surface, hence the shine. Consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables is very good for your hair. Remember to include a large portion of proteins in your meals. This will contribute to general well-being as well.

Adding shine to your hair based on hair texture:

There are plenty of hairstyling products in the market which boasts of doing so many things. With fancy names and fancy prices, they thoroughly confuse the consumer when he wants to purchase a simple shampoo. There are some products up there on the shop shelf that is concerned with adding shine to the hair. Choose shampoos and conditioners based on the hair type. Different hair textures need different treatments. Let us see what they are.

For fine hair:

Fine hair usually also implies that the hair is thin. So we need a product which not only makes it shine but also makes it look fuller and thicker. Opt for a shampoo that contains polymers and wheat proteins. Such shampoos will form a layer over the hair shaft and hence make it look thicker. Using chemicals like spray volumizers will make your hair shine instantly. They are mild and do not wilt the hair.

For normal hair:

Normal hair will need more amino acids. So choose a shampoo that contains these essential amino acids. This will help in repairing as well as softening the hair structure. Creams and gel can be used for adding shine to normal hair. Before applying, spread the cream or gel uniformly over your palms. Then rub it over your hair, like you would when applying oil. Lecithin is another agent which will help improve the texture of the hair.

For coarse hair and thick hair:

Pomades are the best option for this hair type. Thick and coarse hair strands have absolutely no sheen by themselves. A lot of external agents need to be applied to obtain that shine. Pomades help in this direction. Besides adding shine, they also provide good nourishment to the hair. Pomades can also be used as moisturizers as well.

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