Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Permanent Color and your Hair

You have decided to color your hair. You are just steps away from selecting the hair color. At this stage, you will find this article very useful for we give you tips on how to select the right color for your hair that will improve the features on your face. Not only is that the effects of hair coloring are also discussed in the article. It is a must for every individual who colors his or her hair. Some effects of hair coloring are potentially dangerous and the user should be aware of it. This will help him or her to consciously decide if he or she still wants to go ahead with the coloring.

Right Hair Color for You

This is the tricky part in considering permanent color and your hair. A wrong color can be a disaster. More so, since hair color is more or less permanent, even if it means four or five weeks, it is a nuisance to live with those pitiful or provocative stares from people across the street. So take your own time when considering permanent color and your hair. What is the color of your eye? This will answer what the right color of your hair should be. Two shades lower or higher than the color of your eye will produce the best results.

However, if you are feeling a bit adventurous and wild, you can opt for those shocking colors like fluorescent pink or green coupled with black or white. These colors produce the effect they are meant to produce-shocks! Coloring your hair with these wild shades can actually sometimes make you feel upbeat and ready to take on the world. But be careful. Make sure you are on a holiday or away from the workplace for at least a month. The workplace is not the right place to go with these hair colors. A hippy party or a girl’s night out with drinks will be more ideal.

Permanent Hair Color or Semi-Permanent Hair Colour?

Permanent color and your hair care is a tough combination since it will have a large amount of peroxide. A combination of peroxide and coloring pigment work in conjunction to deposit the color on the strands of your hair. There is a lot of chemistry involved here which we will conveniently skip. Coming back to the point, the peroxide will bleach your hair which means, it robs the hair of all its moisture. In doing so, it produces considerable damage to the hair and may cause breakage and hair loss. These are the immediate disadvantages of using permanent hair color.

Semi-permanent hair color is very mild in comparison to permanent hair color. The good news is that semi-permanent hair color does not contain peroxide. This means your hair’s moisture along with the natural oils is safe with it. Yet you get a mid-shaded look along with a beautiful shine. A semi-permanent color and your hair would make a better combination than permanent color and you. Think it over before you choose the hair color.

The coloring process

Like we have always advised you, if you are experimenting with hair colors for the first time, don’t take a chance, visit the hairstylist. These are professional people who know how to do it right. Sometimes they may help you with selecting the hair color also. So take professional help and get a great hair color. Not only this, any damage caused will be repaired by them. So turn to the professional if it is your first time.

Remember to apply a large amount of hair moisturizer before applying the color. This will ensure that the damage is under control. Also, the hair color, in this case, will not result in an itchy scalp, another common side effect of permanent hair color. The hair must be in the best of its health before applying hair color. Only then will it be able to take the treatment well. Keep in mind all these points when you are going to get your hair colored. These tips have been tried and tested for results.

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