Right Hair Color for You

Colored hair is the most popular style statement that can be made these days. Everyone seems to be following this trend. So why should you be left alone? Follow this fashion trend and get a new look. However, coloring your hair is tricky and needs some points to be considered before you color your hair. This article provides some useful and informative tips

Choosing a Hair Color:

This is the important step that must be given utmost care before you color your hair. The correct color will not only brighten your face but also your life. Always go for a hair color that is just a shade or two different from your natural hair color. An ideal hair color matches the color of your eye. If you are on the rebellious side, you can choose a warm color like deep brown highlighted with gold or gold tinges, red and strawberry blonde. On the other hand, for a more softened and sober nature, there are plenty of cool colors like blackish blue, shades of brown, blonde, and shades of white with streaks of pepper. So before you start with the hair coloring process, choose the right color.

Is hair color really needed for me?

This is a common query which many of you may have before you color your hair. Don’t worry; you are not the only one. It is difficult for the human mind to accept a change, even if it is as trivial as coloring your hair. More than anything, you need to know if you really want to color your hair. Coloring the hair is no easy job and has its flip sides too. So you need to be prepared for all that too. But at the same time, you get a new snazzy look, you feel and look different and hairstyling becomes a lot easier. For women with grey hair, coloring can be used to hide the grey hairs too. So if all these convince you to go and get your hair colored, then go ahead.

Hair condition before you color your hair:

Remember that the hair color you use, even if it is from the best brand, it is essentially a chemical. Like all chemicals, this too will cause some damage to your hair. It is the extent of damage that varies from one brand to another! Ensure that your hair is in the best possible condition before you start applying the color. This translates itself into moisturizing your hair well before coloring. After this has been done, decide the type of hair color.

Types of hair color – Right Hair Color for You

Semi-permanent hair color:

Ideal for beginners and a lot more gentle on the hair, semi-permanent hair colors can be used to make your hair look healthier and glossy. It covers the grey hairs pretty effectively. Commonly called glazing or stains, these hair colors do not contain peroxide. It loses its effectiveness after five to six weeks. You can apply the next round of semi-permanent hair color after this.

Permanent hair color:

This will go right down to the shaft of your hair. The coloring is achieved by pigmenting or in simple words, depositing the color on the shaft. These hair colors contain peroxide. Peroxide is used to bleach the hair first before depositing the color. This type of hair color is better at covering greys. Usage of permanent hair color on a long-term basis can be potentially harmful to your hair. Follow a stricter hair care routine if you have been using permanent color for a long time.

Natural Hair colors

Before you choose a hair color, you have the option of opting for natural hair color too. Black tea not only conditions your hair but also adds that special shiny brown tinge to the tresses. Henna too is used for covering greys. Henna mixed with coffee will produce a beautiful reddish-brown tinge to the hair. Natural hair colors are also known to have therapeutic effects. So make the choice today and enjoy the different look.

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