Punk Hairstyles for Boys

Weird and trendy, punk hairstyles belong exclusively to the younger, rebellious generation of kids. Not afraid to experiment, these young kids try out different hairstyles, making a bold fashion statement. The latest craze, the punk hairstyles for boys are rapidly gaining popularity. They can be adjusted for people of any age group. Moreover, they can also be toned down to be more conservative, in case your family desires so. And the best part is that it needs very little effort on your part, simply some styling products.

Different Punk Hairstyles for Boys:

Punk Short hairstyles for boys are more preferable. It is more convenient for them since during the daytime, they need to curb their rebellious nature and go to work. The night is the time when they want their true punk character to be revealed. Toned punk looks are the latest craze. More men are now increasingly opting for them since it fits with their working regime. One example of this may be the urban Mohawk.

The urban Mohawk is a very minimal yet stylish punk hairstyle. The style does not consist of a shockwave of spikes, like those of the rock bands. The hair is kept smaller on the sides while the middle portion is kept long. The subtle outlook developed would please even our grandmoms. The middle part can be spiked up on Saturday night as well as brushed back on Monday morning. Versatile, isn’t it?

Punk hairstyle preferring groups: Punk Rock Hairstyles

People from the media generally don’t sport a wild punk hairstyle. Guys from the widely circulated magazines, television doesn’t fall in this group. Professional ethics dictating their everyday life and dress code, allow them to wear only soft, soothing colors. Punk hairstyles are bold, often resorting to vibrant and daring colors. However, all of us at some point in life, love breaking rules. Lots of punk rock bands, also have an affinity towards these hairstyles and they also influence their fans to try out the same.

Resources for punk hairstyles for boys: Punk Rock Hairstyles

Now you might wonder which hairstyle would suit you the best, which hairstyle to opt for. Not to worry. There are several websites dedicated only to those who love punk. On these websites, pictures of a lot of people having their hair cut in different styles are displayed. Another great resource is our favorite channel MTV. Their varied music shows and other programs deal with these punk rock bands. Watching their shows regularly will definitely give you some great ideas. Then there are punk magazines. Resources are endless. In case you are still not satisfied, be creative and try making a whole new style, completely different from the others. After all, it is your fashion statement and you have the complete right to make it howsoever you desire.

Tips and steps:

Here we offer you guys some tips that will come useful when you opt for punk hairstyles for boys.

It is not necessary to take much effort in getting a punk hairstyle. Anyone can do it at very short notice. A styling gel is all that it takes. Just squeeze a bit of gel in your hand. Pull up the hair strands, apply the gel, and twist those strands gently. That’s it. Your boyish look is converted to give you a whole new mischievous, spiky look. If you want, go for making more spikes. Punk persona is more enhanced as a result of it.

Since you want to stand out in a crowd, don’t worry about social norms and likings. Try out that style that you like best and not what the others want.

The most important component of any punk hairstyle is color. Many prefer jet black with shades of neon pink and other bold colors.

Take great care in using the correct product. Otherwise, it might spoil your look.

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