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How often should I colour my hair?

Colored hair or Hair coloring can completely change the looks of the person. It adds freshness to lives and makes you feel new and refreshed. Colored hair can completely change the features of your face. Good hair color can highlight your features. A badly colored hair has the reverse effect. So the hair color must be applied well. If you are applying it for the first time, it is advisable to get it done by a professional hairstylist or your beautician. If you are used to coloring your hair, you can do it yourself at home.

Hair colors come in different types. There are semi-permanent hair colors that lose their color after four or five weeks from application. If you are not interested in sticking to the same hair color for longer than a month, this type of hair color is recommended. Semi-permanent hair colors have a lot of advantages over permanent hair colors. For starters, they don’t contain peroxide which eats away all your hair’s moisture. This means a semi-permanent color will be mild on your hair. Also, for those who do not want a very drastic change in their hair color, they can go for this type of hair color for the semi-permanent hair color which only adds a smooth layer of sheen to the hair. So the resulting hair is just a shade different from the original hair color.

Permanent hair color is altogether a different story. They need more care and concentration while applying because of the chemicals they contain. Rich in peroxide, permanent hair colors bleach the hair first before depositing the hair color on your hair. This means, all the natural moisture that your hair had is now non-existent. So think twice before you start using permanent hair color. Prolonged use of permanent hair color is also known to cause irreversible damage to your precious hair. Whether it is permanent hair color or semi-permanent hair color, how often should I color my hair is a common query among users.

Answering the question how often should I color my hair?

The frequency in which you color your hair depends on a lot of factors. We discuss some advantages as well as downsides of coloring your hair frequently. How often I should color my hair depends basically on two things. One is how long my previous color lasted and the second is how many times I wish to change the color or how long I want to keep the same color. The first factor, how long the color lasts varies from person to person and product to product. Some hair colors are indeed permanent, they last pretty long and even when they fade away, they do so uniformly. Such products will not need to be replaced too often, so your coloring frequency is also brought down.

Maintaining colored hair is also important here. Avoiding hot showers and over-exposure to the sun will help your hair color stick to the hair better. There are many special shampoos, hair care formulae, and conditioners exclusive for colored hair. These shampoos will take care that the color is not washed away. Heat in any form is bad for colored hair. So avoid straightening or ironing colored hair. At the end of it, how often should I color my hair will be answered when I answer how well I have maintained my hair.

How often should I color my hair-what is too often?

Remember that hair color is a chemical. This chemical when used excessively for over a long duration of time can actually harm your hair. In some cases, the damage is beyond repair. So make sure that you do not overdo it. Leave a gap of at least two or three months before you sit for the next hair coloring session. As far as possible, opt for the semi-permanent hair color as long as it continues to show results. Peroxide even in mild quantities is not good for the hair. If you really want to color your hair pretty often, there are some herbal products available. The damages brought about by coloring the hair can be offset by a good hair care post-coloring process.

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