Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

The latest fad to catch up in the beauty industry is permanent cosmetic makeup. Most of them are not happy with the way they appear or perhaps would like to have prominent features to look more beautiful.

People born with a deformity or disfigured due to accident or have scars look with hope to transform their looks, this is when the cosmetic makeup comes as succor for those despondent with their appearance.

Cosmetic makeup also referred to as micro-pigmentation or derma -pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing is a technique to produce artificial makeup enhancing the colors in the lip, face, create artificial eyebrows, etc.


The Micro-pigmentation technique involves injecting colored pigment into the upper layers of the dermis, which restores natural skin color. It is ideally suited for those with scars or marks. But the celebs are resorting to this treatment to look more beautiful.

Are you eager to know the cosmetic makeup that is commonly adopted? Well, lip coloring is one such permanent makeup that is used to enhance the looks with the right blend of pinks or nudes. To get the right lip color, go for the natural tones.

Those who are despondent with deep scars or marks can find huge relief with derma-pigmentation. The scars are filled with color which matches the skin tone. It can boost the self-esteem of the individual. Permanent cosmetic makeup comes as a real boon to them.
Have you wondered at the long thick eyelashes in celebs that you do not possess? The reason could be attributed to micro-pigmentation; which makes the eyes look attractive with thicker eyelashes.

How To Make Good eyebrows

Good eyebrows add beauty to the face, but sparse or ill-shaped eyebrows can mar the looks. With cosmetic makeup, you can have well-defined eyebrows with a natural look. Though it sounds easy that cosmetic makeup is a perfect solution to enhance beauty, be cautious before you take the plunge into this technique, weigh the pros and cons.

The procedure must be carried out by a medical professional. Risks that are involved in cosmetic makeup include infection, if the needle is contaminated, removing a permanent tattoo is not easy if the technique is not carried out by qualified professional can leave a permanent scar on the face. Permanent cosmetic makeup has carved a niche and many are influenced by the technique.

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