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Pamela Anderson, a five-foot-seven-inch blonde, is naturally a brunette and truly an enigma. She is loved and hated alike for the work that she has done with PETA and Playboy although she dedicates most of her busy life to play a part in religious practices with children all around the world.

When it comes to Pamela Anderson’s Hairstyle, being blonde is just part of Pamela’s brand and she is more than happy to admit that. Everyone in this world would die to have a Pamela Anderson hairstyle. Pamela Anderson has quoted in the media that it is really great being a blonde and with such low expectations, it is really easy to impress.

Over the past couple of years, Ken Paves has helped her with her Pamela Anderson Hairstyle. Even though Pamela has stated that some of her best hairstyles have been done by people that she has slept with, Ken Paves is nothing more than a hairdresser and friend and would never fall into any of those other categories.

Pamela the Blonde Bombshell – Blonde Hairstyles

When it comes to the Pamela Anderson Hairstyle, you will find that she is dedicated to maintaining her sex-kitten image. Most of the time, you will find that she wears her hair long and very blonde with layers of carefully constructed short layers that help to bring out movement and fullness. The Pamela Anderson Hairstyle consists of a variety of different styles that range from lots of waves to sultry full ponytails.

For special events, Pamela has been known to wear her hair up even though most of the time when she makes a public appearance; her hair is coiffed so that it cascades around her shoulders. Whether you believe it or not, Pamela colors her hair at home on her own. Her hairdresser has said that Pamela loves to run on the treadmill while her color cooks.

Pamela Anderson Hairstyle Step By Step – Blonde Hairstyles

When it comes to the Pamela Anderson Hairstyle, you will find that her style works best for those that have hair that is naturally thick and long. If you have thin short or medium hair, you should consider going with hair extension or maybe temporary add-on strands to maximize the fullness.

Another option you could use would be to use all of the hair volumes tricks you known and products that will give your hair its maximum fullness. If you would like to be one of the people sporting Pamela Anderson’s Hairstyle, you can follow these step-by-step instructions.

To begin, you will start by washing your hair in lukewarm water. Then will have to rinse your hair well and apply a good conditioner that you can rinse out. Once you have conditioned your hair, you will have to rinse your hair well and then finish with a cold or cool water rinse.

Towel blots your hair to remove the excess moisture. Next, you can apply a detangling conditioning spray or a conditioner that you can leave in, with a wide-tooth comb. Make sure that you work your way from the ends up to the roots. Then you should let it dry and style with a curling iron making curls in one to two-inch intervals. Once you have completed curling, spray completely with hairspray.

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