Nixon Shampoo To Strengthen Hair Follicle And Prevent Hair Loss

All those worried to death about hair loss and desperately looking for the right hair treatment may give Nixon hair treatment and Nioxin shampoo a try. Nioxin shampoos are in fact a part of the Nioxin hair treatment.

The good part about Nioxin treatment is that, unlike many other hair loss cures, this one doesn’t prescribe a single all-inclusive treatment. Rather it has four different treatment methods and corresponding kits catering to varying stages of hair loss and damaged or weak hair.

All types

Type 1 is for people at a very early stage of hair loss when the effects are not yet visible. The next type caters to ones experiencing hair thinning at certain parts, although still not alarming. Type 3 is for clinically-treated hair going through the early stages of loss.

Type 4 is for clinically-treated hair that has reached the advanced hair loss stage. For each of these treatments, there is a Nioxin hair treatment kit which includes a Nioxin shampoo or cleanser, one scalp therapy conditioner, and scalp treatment.

It is not yet proven how good the Nioxin cure works for hair regrowth, but users have reported satisfactory results concerning the maintenance and enrichment of existing hair.

What Nioxin shampoo and conditioner do is to clear the root of the follicles and strengthen them so that the accumulated debris on the scalp is drained, making way for Nioxin scalp treatment to reach deep through the follicles.

The Nioxin Shampoo

The Nioxin shampoo contains menthol action and is said to help scalp circulation, conducive to hair regrowth. The shampoo also helps in reducing the hormone DHT, responsible for different types of pattern baldness. The products come with a strong mint smell and leave a tingling effect on the scalp. Some users may initially experience a reddening of the scalp. But that is no cause of alarm since, with more use, this symptom gradually subsides.

If in case it doesn’t, one should stop using the product and consult his dermatologist. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should use no other chemical products on your hair while using Nioxin shampoo. Ones who like to use gel may use light and mild one, but Nioxin has its own gel products. So it is more prudent to go for one of them while you are on a Nioxin treatment.

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