Men Losing Hair – Three of the Most Common Hair Breakage Causes

Alike women, men also face the problem of hair loss. Hair loss is a problem of grave concern for men. Men do not want to have a bald head. They want to have a head full of hair.

Men should make sure to take proper care of their hair so that the problem of hair loss does not occur. Let us here discuss three causes of hair breakage in men.

Hair loss among men is highly contributed to genetic behavior. Genetics are highly responsible for hair loss in men. You may find your father, grandfather, or uncle suffering from this problem. If any member of the family has the problem of male-pattern-baldness, then there are great chances that you may be affected by the same problem.

Hair loss in men can also occur due to stress. Stress and tension in life are major contributors to hair loss among men. Men need to remain away from tension and stress in life, so that hair loss can be prevented and healthy growth of hair is attained.

Meditation and yoga should be included in life, so as remain away from tension and stress. Exercising is also a very good way to remain away from stress and tension in life. The flow of blood in the entire body would be improved with the help of regular exercising, thus helping to stimulate the hair follicles and encourage hair growth.

Improper hair care is one of the major reasons for hair loss among men. Men should make sure to use appropriate hair care products so that the hair grows healthily and strongly. The shampoo and conditioner that you select should be appropriate for your hair type.

Also, the use of heat-generating hair styling types of equipment, such as a blow dryer and curling iron, leads to hair breakage. Therefore, the use of such types of equipment should be avoided. Harsh hair styling also leads to hair breakage among men.

Men should ensure to make use of comb instead of the hairbrush to reduce hair breakage. Make sure to comb the hair in a very gentle manner, so that excessive hair breakage can be prevented.

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