Managing Dry Hair – The Natural Way

Hair problem is very common; there are different types of hair problems such as the oily and greasy hair, dry hair, dandruff, etc.  Dry hair is very difficult to manage. Moisture content is very essential to make the hair manageable; the hair retains 10% of moisture content when it goes beyond this level, the hair gets drier.

How do you identify dry hair? Well, if your hair is dry it looks thin and rough, dull, tangles easily, difficult to brush or comb, dry and frizzy,  looks unhealthy with split ends. If your hair is colored or permed, it gets dry. Since dry hair is very delicate, it needs special care. Go the natural way to combat the dryness of the hair.

Water for healthy growth of hair

Water is very essential to maintain the hair as it is the important chemical composition of hair. You require a good amount of water to promote normal and healthy hair growth. The moisture content in the hair gives a healthy appearance. If you are noticing a lack of shine and dryness, remember to replenish it with water.

Essential fatty acids are great moisturizers

Balance the moisture content of the hair naturally; just get into the kitchen to lay your hands on safflower oil, which is endowed with hair nourishing nutrients. It benefits the hair in a great way and prevents hair loss. It is rich in essential fatty acids; which nourish hydrates and firm your hair.

The advantage of safflower oil is that it dilates the blood vessels boosting blood circulation and the nutrients reach the hair follicle thus making way for the healthy growth of hair. It prevents the loss of protein which can cause hair damage.  The essential fatty acids of the oil keep the dryness at bay moisturizing the hair. Regular application of safflower oil will give luxuriant shiny hair.

Natural conditioner for the hair

Be gentle with your hairdo not wash it frequently as it can strip away the natural oils. Condition your hair naturally with olive oil. Massage through the hair warm olive oil especially at the tips and middle bits as it tends to be drier. You can enclose it with plastic and wrap it with a warm towel, leave for 30 minutes. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair.

When you combat dryness of hair with natural methods your crowning glory will shine and reflect health.

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