Male Pattern Baldness

Male Hair Loss

Male hair loss is often referred to as male pattern baldness and is also known as a medical condition called androgenic alopecia. Hair loss in men is the most common type but women do experience it also. For men, hair loss is a result of a sensitive reaction to the male hormone called androgens that affect specific scalp areas.

This loss of hair is genetic and can be seen through a family’s generations. Until recently, those who have male pattern baldness could do nothing to change their situation but with new technology and products, it is easier to deal with this problem. The bald look in a man, however, is more popular with the ladies than it was years ago and is found to be more mature and attractive.

Why Do Men Lose Their Hair?

Some males have a sensitive area on the scalp itself that is caused by the male hormones in the blood. The hormones cause the follicle holding the hair to shrink. Nothing is wrong with the follicle except the hair can no longer come out of the tiny opening and the growth process comes to a halt because of it. The areas of loss are usually on the side of the head and are seen in men who are between the ages of twenty and fifty.

The beginning of the hair loss is seen in a receding hairline and moves around the scalp from the top portion of the head. The two sides merge over time and the balding creates a U shape from the back to the side. The hair that comes from the smaller follicles is thin and fine. This does not make a very thick covering for the scalp and thus the male hair loss begins in the individual.

What Can Be Done To Stop Male Hair Loss?

Unfortunately, most hair loss in men is caused by a genetic trait passed down from one generation to another. Medications and shampoos are available and can help to a small extent. Rogaine and Propecia are the better-known shampoos for helping baldness in men and women.

There is also a treatment that will surgically add hair to the scalp and then grow as your natural hair does. Some of these procedures are classified under plastic surgery procedure and include flap surgery, transplant of hair, and surgical reduction that takes a small area and combines it. Insurance is not usually taken for these procedures.

They can take a long time to complete and can cost a large amount in the end. The charges are completely up to you to fork over and it might be a waste of money to try. The treatment options that can be given to the patient by a doctor can improve the problem slightly but the side effects may not be worth the effort and trouble for a small difference in the condition. To treat the problem at home yourself, you can choose to shave your head completely to give you a sleek new look.

Common Reactions To Male Pattern Baldness or Male Pattern Hair Loss

The way you deal with it is completely up to you as many individuals deal with the problem in their own way. What your true feelings are about the hair loss that is going to change your life? It is not worth the effort to try and conceal the truth about hair loss by using wigs or other temporary replacements. Hairpieces can be costly and look horrible on many of those wearing them.

The best decision you can make is to let it alone and then as it gets more barren, shave it off and flaunt the new do. Hair loss is a natural function and should not be looked upon as a strange occurrence. Embrace the change and have fun with it. You might enjoy the attention you get with your trendy do.

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