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A hairstyle is an important part of your profile. A hairstyle can make you look like a princess. And on the flip side; it can make you look as though you are straight out of a bad sleep! Not just this, a good hairstyle can do wonders to boost your self-image. Hence enough care must be taken to choose the right hairstyle for you to accentuate your best features and make you look gorgeous. We give you some great tips through this article, on how to choose a fabulous hairstyle from the latest hairstyles and make it work for you.

Selecting the hairstyle that suits you best:

The first step towards selecting a good hairstyle suiting you is to know the shape of your face. If you are not too sure of what face type you have, here is a trick to figure it out. If you have long hair, get your face in such a way that you make it stick to the face sides like you would tie a scarf.

Whatever face shape you see in the mirror is your face shape. Some standard face shapes are round, pear or heart, square, rectangular, oval, and diamond. For those with very short hair, you could consult a beautician who will help you decide your face type. Some of the latest hairstyles which are a rage today are discussed in this article.

Latest hairstyles that rule the fashion scene:

Hairstyles for the oval face:

If you have an oval face shape, you must consider yourself to be one among the lucky few. For those with an oval face, any hairstyle would suit. It is indeed true. Whether it is a step cut or a fringe with curly bangs at the back, they can carry it off well. All the oval face-shaped beauties must remember this one tip well; keep your hair off your face so that your features are not hidden behind the tresses. If your face is small, avoid fringes for they will make it look smaller.

Hairstyles for the round face:

A round face has cheeks that appear full. The hairline and chin have a symmetrical curve. For such face types, you must choose a hairstyle that will give your face the curvy look. A U cut or a haircut that keeps the length of your hair long will look fine. Avoid going for boy-cuts for it will make the face look fuller. Height on the crown and off-center hair cuts will suit too. Keep the hair close to your face this gives your face length and makes it appear curvy. Some hairstyles that must be avoided are hairstyles that crop your hair to the chin, straight bangs, and center parts.

Hairstyles for the square face:

A wavy hairstyle will suit you best. If you have straight hair, get it permed by a professional. Short or medium length of wavy hair will add those curves to your face. Don’t go for long hair and stay away from straightening your hair. If it is wavy, then you’ve just got the right hair type suited to your face

Hairstyles for the rectangular faces:

Rectangular faces often appear long. So the latest hairstyle that we need here is one that can accentuate the curves and reduce the length of the face. Layered hair cuts as in the case of a step cut or a medium length U cut can do good for this face type. Take a side partition and you can go for some side bangs too.

Hairstyles for the heart-shaped face:

Try out layered bob cuts. They highlight your great cheeks while softening the upper facial features. Don’t keep your hair long. Leave enough hair at the nape of your neck to do justice to your features and get the Winona Ryder look. There are a lot of the latest hairstyles which will suit this type of face. Go for it and look great.

Hairstyles for the diamond-shaped face:

Any hairstyle will suit you so you can stop fretting over it. Just take enough care not to hide your gorgeous features with the hair. Choose any hairstyle from the latest hairstyles. It could be a wavy cut or curly bangs. Decide the length you need. Run the scissors and Goldilocks ready to charm.

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