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With a million ramp models flaunting new hairstyles, the number of lasting hairstyles has increased considerably over the last couple of years. Thanks to the fashion industry and the media, hairstyling has become a hot profession and thousands of budding hairstylists are blooming at every nook and corner.

Some many lasting hairstyles and haircuts can make you look great and give Cleopatra a complex. Hairstyling depends more on the occasion and the face cut. It also depends to a certain extent on what you are wearing. A party look is different from a casual hairstyle. This article discusses hairstyles and haircuts that will work great for you.

Hairstyles suiting the party scene

If you have straight hair, flaunt it by leaving it open. You can apply a coat of moisturizer or a layer of gloss to give that extra glossy look. This is amazing, especially for dinner parties. So your hair literally shines like a star in the dark of the night. Brush it well so that the straightness of your hair is not lost in tangles. Dazzle at the party.

For those with beautiful curls, you can tie your hair up to a bun and decorate it with bob pins. Bob pins come in various designs and colors. Pick a classy diamond-like pin or a sober copper-colored one and pin up your hair. You’ll look ready to walk the red carpet. If you have a small face, remember not to leave any hair on the face. This will make your face look smaller and hide all the features too.

For those with a hair type lying mid-way between straight and wavy, check out what suits your face type best. For those with a small face, tie it all in a pony at the back and get a frizzled look. In terms of people with a big face, you can let the hair loose. Have some bangs on the front too. This would give shape to the face. Also, the features on the face will be highlighted.

Hairstyles for the workplace

You cannot follow the same hairstyle trends which you see on the ramp or in a movie when you go to work. The workplace requires a soberer and a mellowed-down hairdo. Not just this, the hairdo must be such that it is easy to manage and doesn’t hinder your work. So many lasting hairstyles can be adopted in the workplace. Some hot favorites among working women are a neat pony or a braid.

If the hair is short (up to shoulder), then it can be left loose. Avoid keeping any hair on the face for this gives a very shabby appearance at the workplace. Brush your hair well before you leave and always carry a brush and an extra clip in your handbag.

Some more lasting hairstyles and haircuts

Depending on the texture of your hair and the shape of the face you can opt for different haircuts. For those with very fine hair, a step cut or a U cut works well. Go for the step cut only when your hair is thick and you are going to leave your hair open all the time. Step cut is easy maintenance if you shampoo regularly.

If your face cut is round or square, avoid tying the hair at the back or going for a short nip. This will make your face look fuller and you don’t want that. Keep your hair long with some on the face to give those necessary curves to the face. Oval and diamond-shaped faces can carry off any hairstyle well.

Hairstyles and Clothes

No matter how good the hairstyle, if the clothes aren’t right, a great hairstyle can look like a disaster. A simple hairdo like hair tied neatly at the back or left loose to fall on the shoulders looks good. But this is only with casual clothes like jeans and a pair of tees.

The same thing can’t be said for a gown or a long black skirt with a beautiful sequined top, tailor-made for a party. The dress here is special. So care must be given to the hairstyle to accentuate and highlight the dress.

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