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For many of you, it would be shocking to learn that Jennifer Aniston would much rather you focus on her work as an actress and not on her perfectly coiffed bob, curls or highlights. Jennifer Aniston has been working with her well known famous hairdresser Christopher McMillan for years. Christopher McMillan is the hairdresser that is responsible for her stunning transformations to her tresses for the ten years that she was on Friends and currently.

In every aspect, Jennifer Aniston has naturally wavy hair that is coarse and she prefers to wear her hair straight so that it has a lot of movement or with curls and soft waves. Even though she may bounce back and forth between different hues, her main focus is normally a light caramel with lots of blonde highlights around the outline of her face. The very first hairstyle that Jennifer wore was the short Rachel bob and it created frenzy. It you want to wear your hair exactly like Jennifer’s, you should take into consideration Jennifer Aniston- Straight Hair Tips.

Jennifer Aniston Makeover – Hairstyles Female Celebrities

Below you will find the Jennifer Aniston- Straight Hair Tips, make sure that you take them into consideration in order to perfect the look.

Step One: You are going to shampoo and then condition your hair with the products that you use on a regular basis. These products should be designed especially for your current hair condition, type and texture. If your hair is currently highlighted, you are going to need to use either a moisture enhanced formula or a color enriched formula. Whereas, on the other hand, if your hair is dry from chemicals, you may want to consider diluting the shampoo that you use in order to protect your strands.

If you have natural thin or fine hair, you can use a shampoo that is designed for enhancing volume. You also need to make sure that you skip all of the rinse out products for conditioning because they may make your hair too flat and soft. If you can’t live without using rinse out conditioner, you need to make sure that you limit the amount that you use and that you concentrate on the middle of your hair to the ends. Once you have completed this, you are going to rinse your hair well with cool water spray which will help build up your natural volume and also increase your hair’s shine.

Step Two: You must first dry your strands with a towel. Make sure that you detangle the strands from the very end to the roots.

Step Three: You can begin this step by applying a volumizing gel to the roots of your hair. This will protect against the heat and will also add body to your hair. Other products that you can use are leave in condition, gel or mousse.

Step Four: Work your way from one side to the other drying your hair with a blow dryer in order to straighten your hair and build in the body. You can also use a boar’s head brush or a natural round brush to help you with this process as well.

Step Five: You need to build in the volume to the roots so you might want to use the round brush to lift your hair up and direct the flow of air coming from the low dryer up to the roots.

Once you have completed each of those steps, you have completely followed the Jennifer Aniston- Straight Hair Tips. Now, you need to know how you can add your own little curls to the mix. After you have completely dried your hair and styled it according to the Jennifer Aniston- Straight Hair Tips, you can take a curling iron and add curls in one to two inch intervals. Once you have got the types of curls that you desire, you can add some holding hairspray to keep your hair in place. Now, you are ready to spend a lovely evening out on the town sporting your very own version of Jennifer Aniston’s Hairstyle based on Jennifer Aniston- Straight Hair Tips. Remember, the curls are just extra, you will look wonderful and natural with freely flowing straight hair.

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