How to Cut Your Own Hair

How To Trim Your Hair

Curiously enough, many want to learn to trim their own hair so they can save a few dollars at the salon or barbershop. This might be helpful if you are strapped for the money needed to get a regular haircut from a professional but the haircut may not be that great or come out as expected.

If a person can become good at cutting your own hair, a nice amount of money can be saved each year. To begin on the journey to being your own barber or hairdresser, there are a few essential things needed. These items can be found in a haircare store and even some of the larger department stores.

The Right Tools When Learning How To Trim Your Hair

To cut your own hair means being able to see what is being trimmed or cut. Two mirrors that stand on their own will help with an all-around view. A small mirror that you can hold will be what is used to move around to other spots needing better viewing. The most important item is a good pair of sharp hair-cutting scissors. It is best not to try using any other type of scissors as the hair ends will be split and the cut will come out very uneven.

The haircutting scissors are specially designed for the fine texture of the hair follicle and will give a better-looking cut. For styles needing to be shaved or for clipping around the ears, a good pair of electric clippers will do. A ruler might also be helpful to make sure the hair is even on both sides. Learning How To Trim Your Hair is not as easy as it seems.

Getting Started – How to Cut Your Own Hair

The ruler will come in handy in this part because the hair that is already on the head will need to be measured for a starting length. To get this proper measurement, pull the hair out from the side near the rear and slide the ruler underneath. The amount you need to cut off for the style you want will come easier with knowing what you started with. Never cut the exact length off in one cut. It might be necessary to trim the hair once the cut is made to make it even so leave a little extra.

This is also a good idea if you make a mistake and need to fix it. It might be great to learn how To Trim Your Hair yourself but remember, you are going to be seen by others also. The beginning cut is the most crucial. To begin, the hair needs to be pulled out from the head between two fingers. These are usually the pointer and middle finger. The hair to trim or cut is to be left out of the end of the fingers. If you decide on two inches to trim, you need to pull the hair between your fingers until there are two inches left out.

The Actual Cutting Begins – How to Cut Your Own Hair

Take the scissors and cut along your finger until the entire strand is cut away. Continue this process until the whole side is finished. Move to the other side and repeat this process and the same goes for the top also. Once you have completed the initial trim, you will need to look at it to see what the general impression is. With the two standing mirrors, it should be easy to see the entire head of hair. Once the initial haircut is complete, the electric clippers can then be used to trim the head of excess hair.

This might be around the ears to shape the style or in the back of the neck to eliminate new growth. It might be a good idea to cut your hair during the times when a professional stylist is on duty. Purchasing a hat might also be a good idea in case the style you are trying to achieve is a disaster. Hopefully, learning how to trim your hair will be a positive experience for you and you will be very happy with the outcome. If not, you might want to go ahead and plan on spending the money to have a salon take care of it.

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