How to Add Volume to Hair

Are you one of the many who is searching for a way to get the most instant volume for your hair without spending a fortune doing it? There are many natural ways you can adapt to add volume to your hair and many cost nothing at all.

Some of these volumizing ideas you may already know and may have used and some you may be hearing for the first time. The key is to try them and find the right one that will work with your personal hair type. What works well for one individual may not work for another. The best way to find the right volumizing method is to try and try again!

Keeping It Light

The best thing to do is to make sure your shampoo and conditioner are not weighing your hair down. Not all products will help your hair to stand up and be noticed. There are ingredients in some of the products on the market that will definitely cause your hair to be heavy and lifeless. Once you determine if your products are designed to give body to your hair, you should concentrate on only adding the conditioner to the ends of the hair and not the entire hair shaft.

This will give the appearance of fullness without making your hair so soft it will frizz or fall. Also, make certain you are aware of your specific hair type when choosing the right conditioner and shampoo. You can really make your hair lifeless if you use a product designed for another hair type other than your own. You may also want to invest in a product called a root lifter to achieve instant volume for your hair.

This is specially designed to bring the roots of the hair up and out to give the appearance of a fuller head of hair. You can find this item in many of the regular stores but, you may want to spend a little more and purchase it straight from your hairstylist. Most of the root lifters will require you to add it before you blow-dry your hair and only apply it to the roots and up to the middle of the hair shaft.

Volume Can Be A Free Experience

For those who do not like to pay for a hair product, there are some free ideas to try at home. The first is the ever-popular hair flip method of blow-drying your hair. This adds instant volume to your hair but can also give you an unpleasant hairstyle along with it.

To add volume with this method, you simply blow dry wet hair upside down and then flip and spray with hairspray. You may need to style it in place afterward but this usually will plump up your hairstyle considerably. Best of all, instant volume for your hair requires absolutely no money out of pocket.

You can also blow-dry the hair in a lifted position without flipping your head over. This will also give a boost to your style. Try a new style that lifts the hair and makes it the focal point. Also, make sure that the amount of hairspray you add to your style is minimal. The more product you add, the heavier the hair will become and will cause it to lay flat on the head. Remember, less is best.

Trial And Error Is The Only Way

It would be nice if there was a sure-fire way to know exactly what is required for our hair to be perfect each time we style it. Unfortunately, there is no correct mix. To find what works for you, you must try each technique and several products until you find the one that best suits your hair condition.

There is an endless supply of products in the market claiming to work wonders for lift and volume. There are also a few free ideas to try at home. To what extremes you go to achieve instant volume for your hair is completely up to you and your checkbook.

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