Hair Styling Tools

You might have often come across a whole section dedicated to hair styling tools at the nearest supermarket or the shopping mall. Packed in glossy covers with pictures of pretty faces with long and lovely hair, these products almost call out to you to purchase them. Tempted though you are, you cannot get yourself to buy them because you don’t know how to use them. This article will help you to give in to that temptation for we discuss and describe various hair styling tools here. Given below are some common tools, a must for every household, used to style your hair.


Never thought that your hairbrush could actually contribute to the health of your hair, didn’t you? Well, the fact is it does. For starters, when you are buying a comb, buy one whose bristles are soft and wide-spaced. When you comb your hair, it shouldn’t feel as though you are scratching your hair! How often you comb your hair is very important. Generally, combing the hair by running the comb around fifty times a day is good enough. Combing your hair improves blood circulation on the head and also removes the dead cells on the scalp.

There are hairbrushes used for styling too. Some brushes have bristled in such a way that you can roll your hair on them and blow dry it. This helps you get those pretty curls. Some brushes may be designed in a way to handle difficult tangles, especially in think and curly hair. Certain hairbrushes have synthetic brushes which will help hair dry faster.

Maintaining the hairbrush:

This is an important aspect when styling your hair. Just as we need a regular bath, our comb needs it too, though not that often. When you comb your hair, some dirt from the hair may stick onto the bristles and their roots. Dandruff flakes may also stick. To remove all this, washing the hairbrush becomes a must. Soak the hairbrush in water and add a spoon of washing detergent to it. Mix it well with the comb and leave it on for an hour. The dirt disappears. You can use the brush after you have washed it with water again.


One of the important hair styling tools that are a must for every woman is the hairdryer. Hairdryers besides being used for the basic purpose of drying can also be used as a styling tool. Your hair dryer must have good control of the level of heat it can produce. Always buy one with good control knobs. Hold the dryer at least twenty-five centimeters away from the hair and let the magic happen.

Flat iron for Straight Hair

A flat iron is one of those must-have hair styling tools if you have a fetish for straight hair. When purchasing a flat iron, some things need to be kept in mind. Always buy a flat iron which has ceramic plates. This will help in better diffusion of heat and also prevent hair damage. Avoid metal-plated flat irons. They get heated faster and are also believed to cause damage to the hair.

Using the flat iron to Straight Hair

Before beginning to iron your hair, make sure that your hair is completely dry and free from tangles. Now apply some moisturizing cream to the hair. This will act as a protective shield to the heat coming from the flat iron and safeguard your hair. Divide the hair into five or six partitions and blow dry them again. After this is done, take the iron and run it over your hair.

Before using the flat iron, you need to read the instructions thoroughly. The temperature at which the heat is needed and the duration for which the iron may be placed on the hair are a few important points that need to be considered while ironing. Run the iron beginning from the scalp. Hold the flat iron close to the scalp as much as it is possible. This is done to obtain uniformly straight hair.

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