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Nad’s Hair Removal

The Nad’s product line was made in the kitchen of Sue Ismael in the early 1990s when she was searching for a hair removal product that was all-natural for her daughter’s sensitive skin. Before she knew it, the word was out on the product and friends were coming by to use it for themselves. No sooner did it catch on with these individuals than the market opened up and swallowed the product up for all of Australia to experience. It has been the recipient of many awards and has become one of the top products for hair removal.

Six years after its creation, the American market was proud to offer this product along with Australia and the United Kingdom. The reason this product was so good was that it was made with natural ingredients found in an ordinary kitchen. This amazing mixture has branched out to bring a complete line of hair removal products for men and women alike.

Sue and her four daughters are now in a business of their own that is thriving. The family morals and values are what bring that special touch to the creators of Nad’s hair removal products. The products now contain only the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best in product safety.

The Many Hair Removal Products Available

Not only is the regular Nad’s hair removal creme still available, but there has also been a great expansion to the product line. The sensitive skin formula now has a choice of oils added to include Tea Tree oil, chamomile, Aloe, and Macadamia Nut oil. Each of these ingredients provides a softer feel to the skin. You can choose the original application creme or can now experience the Hands-Free creme.

This product allows you to remove hair while enjoying the melon scent it contains and has the same natural moisturizers listed above. There is even a men’s product line formulated for the tough hair that only men possess. It will give a better smoothness than a razor can give. Using the men’s products will stop the unwanted ingrown hair or the rash that comes with daily shaving.

How To Apply Nad’s Hair Removal Cream

Removing hair with this product is the easiest part of the process. The crème may appear to be a little messy at first but is well worth the effort. The skin will be soft, smooth, and hair-free in about fifteen minutes with no nasty-smelling chemicals. Simply follow the directions on the product to get the best results. Each product is designed to accomplish its own task.

Some products are applied before the actual hair removal to make sure the area is free of dirt and other impurities that can get in the way of the hair removal. Once the hair is taken off, you can expect to have no stubble appear for a time period of two to six weeks. This will depend on how your hair grows and the speed at which it usually returns. No more will you need a razor and messy shaving crème to look silky smooth and clean.

Precautions To Take

As with any product, certain precautions need to be taken. First, make sure you keep this product away from your children. Never take Nad’s hair removal products internally. The item needs to be kept in room temperature conditions. Always follow the instructions on the individual package. This will ensure you get the proper results. Never use this or any other hair removal creme around the eyes unless it is specifically designed for the eyebrows.

Never keep this on the skin for any more than the amount of time it is asked. Also, keep this away from hot water as it can burn the skin. Soap is not needed to clean this product off the skin and is not recommended. If the skin you intend to use it on is broken or irritated, do not use this. With that being said, Nad’s hair removal crème will work for you and is well worth it to try this product.

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