Hair Loss Cure

The problem of Hair Loss

Almost 70% of the men and women in this world are suffering from the problem of hair loss and are in continuous search of an easy hair loss cure. Although a large number of hair loss treatment products and medications are available in the market, people find it difficult to choose a particular product that will suit them.

As the causing factor for hair loss varies from person to person, the remedies that will effectively cure the problem of hair loss will also vary. Hair loss is an indication of various health problems like stress, aging, vitamin deficiency, liver problems, iron deficiency, and malnutrition. Hair loss can also be due to infections, use of spurious hair grooming products, contraceptive pills, chemotherapy, or due to hereditary reasons.

The different types of easy hair loss treatments include:

Medications to Treat Baldness

Any hair loss treatment should begin with scalp treatments to remove any fungal infections. Minoxidil-containing medications are very effective in treating fungal infections on the scalp and thus help in preventing hair loss. Propecia is a highly effective medication pill that helps in the prevention of hair loss in males and is one of the few drugs to be approved by the FDA.

The results of using Propecia can be seen within three months of usage. Cortisone injections, pills, and creams are also effective in the treatment of temporary hair loss, but cortisone injections are found to have some side effects. Another medication that is popularly used to treat temporary baldness caused by ringworms or other infections is Anthralin or Drithocreme.

Shampoos to Treat Baldness

There are many different varieties of hair loss shampoos available in the market that will not only help in reducing the effect of baldness or hair loss on the scalp but will also help in keeping the hair clean and healthy. These hair loss shampoos are found to be very effective when used in combination with other hair loss medications or treatments.

An important aspect that one has to consider while choosing a shampoo is to know about the contents of the shampoo. Biotin enriched shampoos are very effective in controlling hair loss. Mild hair loss problems can be corrected by the usage of hair loss shampoos.


There are many sprays available in the market that will provide an easy hair loss cure instantly. Most of the hair loss sprays contain natural keratin fibers and will resemble the natural hair when sprayed onto the hair loss-affected scalp areas.

They are a boon to many young men and women as they help in concealing baldness and thinning hair instantly without being detected. It is very easy to apply these sprays as well as wash them off and is the quickest and easiest way to cover up hair loss. These sprays do not help in the re-growth of hair, but when used in combination with hair re-growth therapy, they can provide the desired results.

Natural Cure

Many natural herbs are very efficient and effective in treating hair-related problems and mainly helpful in treating hair loss. Amla is a very effective natural ayurvedic herb that will help in preventing graying of hairs as well as rejuvenates the hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Bhringraja is a wonder herb that can cure any hair-related problems by increasing the blood supply to the scalp region and will also provide shine and volume to the hair.

Any infection in the scalp can be treated by using a natural herb called Margosa. It has antiseptic properties and helps in cooling the body, thereby promoting proper hair growth. Another important herb that provides an easy hair loss cure is the henna leaves. These leaves provide nourishment and act as a hair tonic that will prevent hair fall.

Laser Hair Loss Treatment

The latest and most successful method that is used very commonly in treating hair loss is laser treatment. This is a nonsurgical solution to many hair-related problems like baldness, thinning of hairs, and hair fall. Laser treatment boosts and revitalizes hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles and by repairing damaged scalp cells.

It has to be found that laser treatments are more effective when used in combination with drugs and scalp hygiene products. Laser treatments are found to be the most effective way to reduce hair loss and satisfactory results can be achieved just after a single sitting.

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