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Hair drying and the brush are two important co-related factors that will help in taking care of your hair. Your hairdryer and the hairbrush that you use pretty much determine the state of health of your hair.

A good hairdryer and a brush are essential to maintain the hair. Many people aren’t aware that bad brushing and drying can actually break your hair and cause lasting damage.

Hair drying and the brush go hand in hand to ensure good hair care and strong growth. This article discusses the importance of hair drying and the brush and gives an insight into some tips on hair drying and brushing will improve the health of your hair making it lovelier and easier to maintain.

Hair Dryer and Hair Drying

You have just gone shopping for a brand new hairdryer. Looking at the hundred brands the salesperson has just shown you, you feel dizzy and are away from being able to decide what to buy. What do you do? Remember that the hairdryer must serve the purpose for which it is bought and the purpose is drying your hair.

You don’t need hairdryers which are musical or with lights on them! Opt for a hairdryer that has basic temperature control knobs. This means you can select the temperature at which the air coming out of the dryer will be.

Temperature control is very essential for good hair drying. When the hair is soaking wet from a shower, you must never dry it with the dryer first. Pat it dry with a towel. The best would be to tie the towel around your hair like a turban and let the moisture be absorbed by the towel.

After leaving it this way for about fifteen minutes, take the dryer. Keeping the air temperature at ‘warm’ on the dryer, you can dry the hair. Hold the dryer at least twenty centimeters away from your hair. All these precautions need to be taken while drying because hair is very weak and susceptible to damage when it is wet. It can easily break or split. To handle your hair with care while wet.

The dryer can also be used to style your hair. This is where hair drying and the brush enter the picture. With the help of a dryer and a brush, you can create subtle curls or get that wavy windblown look.

A strand of hair across the face, as though the wind has blown it over, always makes a woman look prettier. With the help of the right brush, roll the wet hair into the brush and run the dryer over it. A wavy look is obtained this way. Clipping the hair and then drying it will give rise to curls.

Choosing the Hair Brush

A good hairbrush is every bit important as a hair styling tool. Selecting a good hairbrush needs some points to keep in mind. For normal brushing of your hair, select a wide-toothed comb. This means that the bristles of the brush are widely spaced and will avoid tangling the hair.

They will also help to untangle stubborn knots on the hair without causing much pain. It is important that the bristles are soft and don’t hurt the scalp. This can be checked by running the brush once on the hair to see if it hurts the scalp or not.

Styling brushes are also available. These brushes are usually cylindrical in shape or come with nodes attached to the bristles. The cylindrical brushes may be used to curl the hair or give it a wavy appearance. The ones with nodes on the bristles are believed to improve the blood circulation on the head by activating the acupuncture points on the head. Making long gentle strokes starting from the roots is good for the hair. Avoid being tough with tangles. It will break the hair.

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