Hair Conditioner

Conditioner is a common hair cleaning product many of us use each day and probably never give a second thought about what it does as long as it makes our hair feel good. The ingredients in the conditioner help to plump up the hair follicle to give it a fuller appearance. It also covers it in a protective coating so it will not get tangled or matted together for easier styling and brushing. The conditioner will also provide shine and softness to your hair follicles. There is another choice if you do not want to buy a commercial product for your hair. You can actually make your own mayonnaise hair conditioner right in your kitchen. The ingredients are right in your refrigerator and can be found very cheaply in your grocery store.

Mayonnaise Is More Than A Sandwich Dressing

Many have found this simple mayonnaise hair conditioner to be a very good recipe to add to help with hair problems. However, this mixture may leave you with a slight odor on your hair so it is best to use it over the weekend when you have nothing else to do. Used regularly, it will help reduce the split ends you experience and take out dryness in the hair.

Usually, once a month is all that is necessary but you can use it two times a month for extra conditioning. Not only is it convenient to use, but it is also a cheaper alternative to buying pricey conditioners from your salon or local drugstore. For those who have allergies or sensitivities to over-the-counter ingredients, this natural alternative may be what you are looking for. You can even be lactose intolerant and use this mixture as a conditioner on your hair follicles with no problems with your system.

The Mayonnaise Hair Conditioner Recipe

To make this great mayonnaise hair conditioner at home you will only need one ingredient and that is 1.2 cups of Mayonnaise. Any brand will do and usually is whatever you already have in your kitchen. Massage this mayonnaise into your hair thoroughly covering all of your hair completely. For longer hair, you may need to use more than ½ cup and want to increase it to a whole cup to make sure you have enough. Once you have coated your hair completely, leave it on for about fifteen minutes.

To remove, rinse hair thoroughly until the water runs clear, and then shampoo with your regular shampoo. If the hair smells of mayonnaise, you may want to wash it again to be sure you got it all out. It may take a few washes before the entire smell is gone completely. During the hot season, you need to make sure none of it is left in the hair. The heat may not get along with the mayonnaise very well and cause it to spoil. Trying to get hot mayonnaise out of your hair may be harder than you think.

The Perks Of At Home Creations

This Mayonnaise hair conditioner recipe is easy to make and is said to have many benefits when used regularly. It should work just as well as a regular conditioner and is more natural to use. Users of this mixture say that it helps in improving the color of your hair. It has also been said that it works wonders in reducing the graying process of the hair.

Those who have used it say it will make your skin feel cool and refreshed and will stop hair loss from occurring. None of these things have been scientifically proven but are just the experiences of the users. To find out what it might do for you, you will just need to give it a try for yourself. If you tried everything else and nothing seems to work, this might be the mixture that makes the difference. When you’re finished with your hair, you can indulge in a ham sandwich and cup of coffee and relax with your softer, smoother hair!

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