Hair Colouring Mistakes

Hair coloring has become such a craze that there are not many people who have escaped this bug. With every discovery comes a bagful of goodies as well as downs. However one may be experienced at coloring their hair, mistakes do happen. If you are coloring your hair for the first time by yourself, the probability of hair color mistakes occurring is more. We are not trying to scare you or frighten you. You must be prepared for all possible outcomes and know the repairing tactics well in advance. This article deals with some of the most common hair color mistakes and how to deal with them.

Some common hair color disasters

The most common of all the hair color mistakes is the hair turning into a totally different color after it has been colored. Your hair color does not match that of the girls on the cover of the box. It has turned out to be a bizarre shade of the color you wanted. This is an oft repeating problem. This can happen if you have applied the hair color with the help of a beautician or a professional hairdresser. So don’t fret, we have some simple remedies for you which will appear later in the article.

Another common hair color woe is excessive loss of hair and breakage after the application of color. What users must understand is that hair color is basically an artificial chemical. Skin whether it is on the scalp or the face is very sensitive. Hair loss can happen when the hair hasn’t accepted the skin color. The hair color has damaged the hair follicles and the roots. Being weak, they fall off.

Itchy scalp is another problem. This too happens when the scalp is showing an adverse reaction to the foreign agent called hair color. hair colors contain peroxides. Peroxide is added to the hair color to bleach it first before the pigment (of the desired hair color) is imprinted on the hair shafts. Peroxide dries the hair and the scalp to a large extent. If enough moisturizing lotion or cream is not added, it can result in an itchy scalp.

Quick fixes to repair hair color mistakes or Hair Coloring Mistakes

The given solutions are for those who have ended up with the wrong hair color.

If the mistake was made when you were getting your hair colored by a professional, then the responsibility lies on her to correct it. As surprising as it may sound, professional hairstylists also do make mistakes while coloring. Sometimes, it’s the color that goes wrong. Sometimes, the proportions of the ingredients used by the stylist can be wrong. Either way, trust your hairstylist to do the repairing work while you wait patiently. The stylist will know exactly what to do to set things right for they have experience. Plus, it will be done at no extra charges. This is your silver lining at the end of a dark cloud.

If the mistake was made by you, here is a long list of things you can do to get over it. Topping the list is seeking professional help. Professional hair stylists will instinctively know how to set the right things. They will do it by either applying another shade of color to offset the existing color or give you some lotions and creams. On application of these solutions, the color may eventually fade away. So look to the professional for help if you cannot handle it yourself.

Application of a solution with seventy percent alcohol on it only on the strands followed by a rub of mineral oil will help. Keep it on for a few minutes and blow-dry your hair in the meanwhile. This should take around an hour. Then apply some shampoo to the head without wetting it. Shower in hot water. Hot water will help a great deal in removing the terrible hair color.

Treatment for itchy scalp

Itchy scalp can be treated by applying sufficient amounts of mineral oil. Keep moisturizing it often. This should considerably reduce the itching sensation. If it persists, visit a dermatologist. He will prescribe some solutions. On using these, the itching should stop.

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