EMO Hairstyles

Emo Guy Hairstyles

There is definitely a trend going on when you are talking about EMO hairstyles. The EMO hairstyle resembles the punk styles during the 1980s and can be seen coming out more and more. The black hair and the bangs in front of the face are a dead giveaway of the look the individual is going for. The bangs may hang from left to right and the hair is very long so it covers the entire face on that side.

The hair really needs to be straight to achieve this look at its best. For those with curly hair, the style may need to consist of straightening the hair each day or having it chemically straightened. This procedure is costly but will make it easier to fix each day. The question will be exactly how bad you want to try it and how long you might keep it. 

The Best Place To Get Your Cut 

It is always best to get your hair cut by a professional as compared to doing it yourself. Because the EMO hairstyles include streaks of color, you might want to have everything done in a salon to make it easier and to ensure it comes outright. They can also give you more color choices than are available in the hair coloring section of your local store. The most popular color choices right now are red and purple but any color will certainly work for the style.

If you plan on doing the style yourself, you might want to find a friend who can help you with the hard parts of your hair like the back or the sides that are hard to see. What you decide will depend on the amount of money you have to spend on the whole procedure. Cheaper is not always better and you can mess up your hair badly if you have no idea what you are doing. 

The Best Hair Type For The Style 

Individuals with fine hair seem to do better with an EMO hairstyle. Straight hair is also a necessity for this style. As stated earlier, you need to allow your hair to grow out to a longer length so it hangs over the eyes. For curly hair, it may be much harder to achieve the look and straightening is necessary.

It may be your choice to have it chemically altered to stay straight if you intend to keep the style for a long time and have the money to do so. For those who want a cheap way out, straightening irons are the best option. They run about $20 and can be found in most drug stores. This style will work for anyone but if you have thick hair, thinning it out is best. It might just feel better once it is thin and free of masses of hair and will be easier to work with.

Steps To Achieve The EMO Hairstyles 

First, the hair needs to be a constant color of black over the entire head. You could have a blond color in the back of the head only but this is up to the wearer. Next, the hair needs to be a length long enough to go from the left side of the head and completely cover your right eye and face. To hold your hair in place, you can use a gel but the hair should never look greasy as this is not true EMO.

The hair in the back will need to be teased and raised to a spike or messed-up look. Streaks of color are added if the wearer chooses and usually are done around the face. The streaks can be any color you choose but the colors most extreme like purple work the best. There is no age limit on this style and anyone can achieve it if they follow these simple instructions for EMO hairstyles. 

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