Depending Upon Hair Density

Can hair transplants help achieve a hairline that is dense enough? If you are looking for a short reply to that question, the answer is yes. It is very well possible to achieve a hairline that is dense enough with the help of a hair transplant. Although, there are many more questions that would arise such as “how dense would your hairline be” and “would your hairline appear normal”.

So, how dense would your hairline be? Normally, the density would be around one hundred hairs covering each square centimeter. When you have a hair transplant, it may be able to attain that density. Several different factors contribute to determining the actual density of the hairline after the hair transplant is performed. So basically, you can see that everything is depending upon hair density. At present, what is the actual density of your natural hair?

Hair Transplants – Receding Hairline

The hair that will be added during the hair transplant will be placed between the hairs that already exist so therefore the amount of hair that you have naturally would add to the density that is possible. At present, how much donor hair is available? If your hair is thinning out all over your head, you may not be able to provide an adequate amount of hair that is needed to attain a high density.

To achieve a better density, you may want to consider substituting your donor hair for body hair; this is possible through advanced techniques. When you use body hair, the donor hair that comes from the scalp is going to be reserved for the region of the hairline and then your body hair will be utilized in other regions of the head. The reason for all of this is to create a much more natural look. Once again, everything is depending upon density.

Another question that you may be asked when considering a hair transplant would be if your hair is lessening evenly now. There are some women and a lot of men that tend to lose hair as they age. During the time that you are younger, your hair may continue thinning and you may want to have more hair transplant procedures done in the future. In cases like these, the surgeon will take the time that is needed to find out how much donor hair can actually be used at present and how much donor hair can be saved for procedures that have to be done at a later stage.

Natural Appearance – Receding Hairline

Will a hair transplant give you a natural appearance? Several factors contribute to the answer to this question. The surgical technique and the surgeon who is performing this procedure are two of the factors that affect the answer to that question. When hair implants are done directly, you will get the best result in the end. You need to make sure that you take the time to determine whether or not the surgeon that you are interested in does this type of procedure and how many procedures like this he or she has done. When it comes to your hairline, you have to remember that the results are depending upon hair density.

If you are interested in a surgeon and he is unwilling to provide you with the information that you have requested for references and pictures, you may want to reconsider going with that surgeon. In the end, you have to look at the big picture; this is your head, your hair, and your face. You don’t want to put that in the hands-on of someone who isn’t going to take care of it.

Depending upon density, you need to make sure that your hairline looks natural. Your new hairline may not be as dense as it used to be during your younger days but the main objective is to have full, natural-looking hair. Depending upon hair density, you can have a natural-looking hairline again. Depending upon hair density, you can achieve the look that you have always longed for.

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