Causes of hair loss

Hair loss or alopecia is a major cosmetic problem that is affecting hundreds of men and women, even at younger ages. It is very difficult to figure out a particular reason or cause for alopecia and it is said to occur due to various factors like genetics, infections, ill health, hormone imbalance, and medications.

Genetic hair loss is difficult to cure whereas temporary hair loss is much easier to treat in the early stages. Getting proper hair loss help is the key to the successful treatment of hair loss. A person should be well informed about the causes and treatments for hair loss to correct the problem of hair loss without much difficulty.

To get proper hair loss help, approaching the following will be advisable:

Hair care professionals

One of the best persons to approach for hair loss problems is hair care professionals or hairdressers. The customer needs to make sure that he is approaching a trained, experienced and professional hairdresser to seek remedies for all his hair loss problems. Many hair care professionals of this day and age will be able to guide their clients with the various hair loss products that will help reduce hair loss problems and will provide them with tips and advice on how to make the hair appear thicker and fuller. They can provide information about the best way for hair loss prevention and to control hair loss.


Dermatologists are another group who can provide the best hair loss help to a person suffering from permanent as well as temporary hair loss. It is very important to gather information about the experience of the particular dermatologist in treating alopecia. Dermatologists can provide good hair loss treatment resulting from scalp infections. A dermatologist will be able to identify the type of infection like fungal, bacterial, or dandruff and will prescribe the right medications, shampoos, and other methods for hair loss prevention. Some people will be having temporary hair loss due to dryness of the scalp, excessive use of shampoos and other hair care chemicals, etc. A dermatologist can identify the exact reason and will advise about the precautions to be taken to prevent further hair loss.


A trichologist is a certified professional specialist in treating hair and scalp problems. A trichologist can find out the exact reason for hair loss by various medical tests and will advise proceeding according to the findings. If a person suffering from hair loss is found to have stress, diabetes, kidney or liver problem, or anemia, then the trichologist will refer the person for a complete medical check-up to a doctor. If the hair loss is due to simple reasons like dryness, chemical damage, and itchy scalp, then the trichologist will do the necessary treatments to control the problem. By following the hair care tips provided by the trichologist the loss of hair and temporary baldness can be cured.

Medical Practitioners for Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss can occur due to many health problems, so for proper diagnosis and for getting the right hair loss treatment for the problem, it is better to approach a medical practitioner. The major health problems that cause hair loss are diabetes, thyroid gland problems, hormone imbalance in females due to polycystic ovary, and malnutrition. A medical practitioner can identify the underlying cause of hair loss with the help of medical tests and observations and can treat the problem accordingly. In case of hair loss due to malnutrition, the doctor will prescribe the right dosage for dietary supplements of vitamins and minerals. The doctor will be able to refer to any specialist if further examination is needed.


The best way to get the proper hair loss treatment is to get educated about the problem. Researchers are finding new facts about hair loss and hundreds of new medicines and products are reaching the market to treat hair loss. Most dermatologists and trichologists have websites that provide information about hair loss problems. Hundreds of health education sites, as well as medical sites, are there to provide hair loss help to the needy. It is better to visit more than one website that is reliable for gaining information, up to date, and useful.

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