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In all actuality, Cameron Diaz is definitely considered to be a hairstyle pioneer. This is clearly one multi-talented actress and former model that can wear her hair any way that she desires. This Charlie’s Angel Star is forever in the headlines because of her latest styles.

In fact, Cameron Diaz made the news in the fall of two thousand and six when Cameron dyed her butter blonde tresses to a sultry and dark chocolate hue. Then in September when she appeared at the release party that was held for Justin Timberlake’s album, she had long lush tresses of chocolate that were worn straight and were shimmering sleek.

Then in January, she decided to rock the People’s Choice Awards with a short baby doll gown that was very flirty with her Cameron Diaz Hairstyle based on a very elegant and sexy twisted-up do. If you remember that, you will remember that her Cameron Diaz Hairstyle went very well with her shimmering gown of black that gave off the illusion that Cameron had just climbed out of bed.

Cameron Diaz Hairstyle Step by Step

If you would like to have a Cameron Diaz Hairstyle, you can perform the following steps on hair that has been freshly washed. First, you are going to begin the style by washing your hair with shampoo that is designed specifically for your hair’s texture and the current condition of your hair. If your hair tends to be dry, then you are going to need to go with a super-moisturizing shampoo. Once you have completed that step you are going to condition your hair based on your individual needs.

Make sure that you rinse the conditioner very well with cool water then, towel blot and gently squeeze out the excess moisture. You can then detangle your hair with your fingers or you can smooth detangling comb to create the desired part in the front.

Next, you are going to apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner along with anti-frizz products. If you want a soft hold, you can apply mousse or for extra hold, you can apply the gel. Make sure that you distribute well going from the roots to the ends. Now, let your hair air dry until it is eighty to ninety percent dry.

Last step

If you would like, you can sit under a hooded dryer or you can use a blow dryer set on a low speed with cool air to remove the access moisture. Now you are going to work from one side to the other side and separate your hair into two-inch strands.

Then use a large brush with bristles along with your blow dryer to add lots of volume and fullness working on one section at a time. Once you have each section dry, you are going to roll it with your fingers to create the barrel curl, and then you are going to pin it against your scalp to cool in place.

Continue to dry the rest of your hair until it has all been dried and it has been pinned into big but loose curls. Then you are going to let your hair dry completely in big curls and spritz them with a holding hairspray. Now, you are going to carefully remove all of the pins that are holding the curls in place. You can use a boar’s head brush to break up all of the curls. Once you have completed this you are going to separate the section that you want to leave for the side-swept fringe.

Ponytail Hairstyles

The rest of the hair can be pulled back to form a soft ponytail right at the base of the crown of the head. Then you can take the ponytail section and turn it clockwise over the base of the ponytail but remember to not make it tight. Pin that hair into a bun. Once you have created your bun, you can pull a couple of strands out to create loose spurts of hair. Now all that is left is to feel and look beautiful, go ahead, you deserve it.

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