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How to brush your hair properly?

Not many people will be aware that brushing your hair is every bit important in your hair care regimen to maintain your hair. Everything from the hairbrush to the strokes that you make with them will either make or break your hair. It is indeed a very simple thing to be brushing your hair. Why then are we giving so much importance to hair brushing? Well, the answer lies in the fact that hair brushing though simple has certain techniques of doing it right. In this article, we tell you how to brush your hair properly.

Why brush your hair?

Funny as it may sound, how many of us actually brush our hair unless we are headed for a party or a meeting? Whether it is laziness or ignorance of the goodness involved in brushing your hair can do, the fact remains the same, there many among you who don’t know how to brush your hair properly. Brushing your hair improves the blood circulation on the head. This is a primary and most important reason that can be mentioned when discussing the importance of brushing the hair. When blood circulation improves, the hair cells at the root are getting more blood to grow better and faster. As they are nourished by the blood well, they also grow stronger which means that they will split or break less often. This should be reason enough to convince readers to brush their hair with care and more often.

Choosing the comb

How to brush your hair properly with a comb will first mean, choosing the right comb. The comb is every bit an important hair styling tool. Remember that even if you brush your hair regularly as mentioned with the correct strokes, if the comb is not right, it can have reverse effects on the health of your hair. An ideal comb should be wide-toothed. It should have soft bristles that will let the hair flow between them without hassles and tangles. When you run a stroke with the brush, it should not scratch or hurt the scalp. Opt for blunt bristles.

Many brushes can be used for styling too. Did you know that you can curl your hair or add that wavy look to the hair with just a good brush and a hairdryer? The answer is yes and the process is simple too. Ask for brushes used for curling at the market. These brushes are cylindrical with blunt ends. After a shower, curl the wet hair on the brush and run the dryer over it. Repeat the process and bingo, your hair has turned naturally curly.

Many brushes these days come with special bristles. These bristles have some kind of nodes at their tips. What this actually does is activates the acupuncture points on the scalp when you run it on the head. With these acupuncture points activated, blood flows better. These combs are a little highly-priced. A good brush not only sets your hair but also helps in spreading the natural hair uniformly over the head. It must however be kept in mind that quality must not be compromised for cost.

Combing process

We now tell you how to comb your hair properly with the newly acquired brush. Run the comb along the length of your hair with the brush gently. Start with the roots and proceed along the length. Don’t be too harsh on the hair. Make long and gentle strokes. Ideally, fifty strokes a day is necessary to activate the necessary blood circulation.

Take care when untangling your hair from a knot. Don’t be tough on them. Hold the untangled portion in hand and try to sort them with your hand first. After they have considerably loosened, brush them gently. Never brush your hair when it is wet from a shower. Hair is very weak now and vulnerable to breaking. Always remember this tip. We hope this article was useful in helping you understand how to brush your hair properly. Get a great brush and begin brushing your hair to make it healthy and lustrous.

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