Brushing Hair Tips and Techniques

Importance of Brushing Hair Adequately 

Whether you want to have long hair or just a healthy scalp and hair, you should focus on the great importance of the way you comb or brush every day. There are some simple rules to follow to avoid knots, hair loss, and eventually bald patches. Within this text, you will learn how to have healthier hair and the real importance of hair brushing.

About your Comb and Brush 

Your scalp has natural protective oils known as sebum. Sebum has to be evenly distributed throughout your head and hair. You’ll want to use a comb or brush that will not remove sebum from your scalp and that will help you keep it well distribute all the way through the ends of your hair. You might choose to comb your hair or to brush it. You might even consider both, but whatever you decide, you will need to pick the right brush and/or comb.

There are quite a few rules:

Combs: Use a wide-tooth comb with smooth seams. These are by far less damaging than the regular pointy combs. In fact, if your comb has sharp seams you can sand them to make them less aggressive. Avoid metal-casted combs. If you should use them, make sure they have protective rounded tips.

Brushes: In most cases, natural boar bristle brushes will be the best choice unless your hair has so much volume or is so thick that these won’t penetrate. In this case, you might want to choose wooden brushes. The smoother they are the better for your hair.

In all cases, avoid the cheap plastic combs and brushes. These tend to create static electricity (electrostatic). This will cause flying hair. In case this happens, you can discharge your hair by applying mist water and some hairspray.

Actual Hair Brushing 

The first golden rule of thumb: Never brush your hair while it’s wet. Your hair is by far more delicate while wet. Either leave your hair dry before brushing or combing, or dry it yourself. If you’d rather dry your hair, make sure you untangle it with very wide teeth combs. Just do this to smooth your hair and to untangle it for brushing. Be gentle; rough untangling will result in hair loss. If you use a towel, do not rub your hair. Instead, tangle it inside the towel, softly and gradually drying your hair.

When brushing, consider combing before. Start from the bottom up. This method will allow getting rid of knots before the actual hair brushing. Start by a few inches, and keep on climbing a few more every once in a while. If possible, use a large paddle brush. If your hair is not very long and somewhat messy, you can use heavy wooden brushes. These will be easier to straighten hair. If you however have long, thin hair, consider high-quality plastic brushes which are lighter and kinder with your arm.

Regular Brushing Hair

Remember that hair brushing is not only necessary to have a fine-looking appearance, but also a healthier scalp and hair. You will be massaging your scalp, improving blood circulation, and allowing nutrients to reach your hair tissue. Also, this removes dry scalp, dead cells, and loose hair.

Hair brushing is not a once-a-day activity. Yes, you do it once when you come out of the shower, but your hair might need to be combed and/or brushed every once in a while throughout a regular day. Sometimes it is just done without you even noticing it. Therefore, if hair brushing is such a regular activity, you must be aware of doing it the right way every time you brush. Never forget, no matter what the situation or urgency, take good care of your hair, do not scratch or damage your scalp, detangle with your fingers whenever possible, do not overstretch it, be careful not to break it, and you’ll always have a beautiful hair.

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