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Hair Bleaching Tips

How often have you fallen for the blonde hair type? It is estimated that more than forty percent of the women world over have at least once wished that they too had the golden tinge on their hair. With more coloring and bleaching techniques, the dream of having blonde hair isn’t far-fetched anymore. Bleaching your hair is the best option you have. It is easier and longer lasting than coloring and other options. So we give you some easy-to-follow hair bleaching tips and useful hair tips in this article.

Beginning the Bleaching Process – Bleach Hair Blonde

Bleaching produces good and more importantly safe results when it is done with care. If you are doing it for the first time, it is better if it is done by a professional beautician. But if you have already bleached your hair once before and are confident enough to bleach your hair yourself, this article is for you. We tell you some hair bleaching tips to help you get the best results. To start with we need to select a bleaching agent. Selection of the bleaching agent must be done with care.

1. An ideal bleaching agent should contain twenty percent by volume of peroxide. More volume may cause some irritation to your scalp. So choose a product from the market which contains this proportion of peroxide.

2. For foiling the hair, a larger proportion of peroxide, up to forty percent may be used. But this is not suitable for application on the scalp as it is on the stronger side.

3. A common misconception is that by using a larger proportion of peroxide, a stronger color will be imparted. This not true and must be avoided. If you want to lift the natural color of your hair or artificial color, you must apply the bleach in two stages.

4. Keep all the necessary items that you will need for bleaching such as the brush, blow dryer, gloves, etc all within your hand’s reach. 

Application of the bleach: Hair Tips

Once you have mixed the bleach, with the help of a brush, start applying the bleach from the back of the head where the volume of hair is more and also darker. This gives the bleach enough time to impart the correct color. Then work your way towards the front. If you have experienced previous allergies or some discomfort due to bleaching on the scalp, you can apply a desensitizer. This is one of the most important hairs bleaching tips to make the bleaching process irritation-free.

Most of the bleach mixtures available in the market come with a desensitizer; nevertheless, external application of the desensitizer will also help. This must be done before the bleach is applied to the scalp and hair. Overlapping of the bleach must be avoided for it causes a ‘banding’ effect. Working quickly and carefully are the two keys to getting the right bleached look. Remember to wipe away any unwanted spills of the bleach whether it is on your dress, furniture, or hair.


The bleach remains effective only as long as it is wet. So to keep it wet, cover your hair with a polythene cover or a shower cap. Bleaching becomes more effective when mild heat is applied. You could probably use a hairdryer for this purpose. But make sure, that the entire bleached portion gets heat uniformly. The time duration for which the bleaching agent must be kept on the hair will differ depending on how strong a blonde you need. Check for the tinge from time to time and when you are satisfied with the color, you can rinse the bleach off. And bingo, you have blonde hair now!


Bleaching is a tricky process and if the correct precautions are not taken, the results can be disastrous. Listed below are some precautionary hair bleaching tips which must be followed to obtain a safe and satisfying result.

Don’t leave the bleach on the hair for too long. It can burn your hair or may cause excessive hair fall and irritation of the scalp.

If irritation persists more than a mere tingling sensation on your scalp, rinse the bleach off with cold water immediately.

Check for metallic salts in your bleaching mix. Metallic salts will cause breakage of hair and turn them dry and straw-like.

Wear gloves while bleaching.

By following these easy hair bleaching tips, the golden tresses are just a ‘bleach’ away.

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