Are You Applying the Lipstick the Right Way?

Makeup is an art, to look ravishing you need to apply makeup deftly. The finishing touch in makeup is doing up the luscious lips; it requires careful application to get a beautiful pout. You have to follow makeup tips to get it done the right way.

The first and foremost is to maintain supple and soft lips through exfoliating the lips with a toothbrush This will remove the dry skin which might otherwise give unhealthy look to your lips. You can use a moisturizer such as a chapstick for dry or chapped lips.

Find the right shade of lipstick

Choose a lip shade that flatters your skin tone, which mainly falls into two categories warm and cool. Orange shades of lipstick blend well with warm skin tone and the cooler skin tone can enhance their looks with lipstick with a blue undertone.

If you are dark-skinned, you can look good in magenta, rose, or shades of purple. Those of you with yellow skin tone can try warm red, brown, or pale colors. If you have tanned skin a variety of pinks can complement your skin tone.

Those of you with pink skin tone can revel in shades of pink and red. The light skin tone can go for the orange and red shades, light purples, and pinks.  A coordinated lip liner can make it easy to wear the lipstick, to get that perfect look. The nude or neutral shades of lipstick are the ideal choice for the daytime.

Wear the lipstick the right way

• The most embarrassing thing in lip makeup is the bleeding or the feathering which can mar the beauty of the face. To avoid bleeding of the lip color, apply concealer to the outside edges of the lip.

• To set the concealer on the lips, dust lightly with translucent powder.

• You can outline the lip with a nude lip liner; the lip liner should be lighter than the lipstick and of similar color.

• Fill the lips with color; either you can use a lipstick brush or the lipstick itself. Lip brush can give a perfect application.

• To set the lips either dust it with translucent powder or wear lip condition balm, to condition the lips and protect them from sun damage.

Wear the right lip color to complement your skin tone, to look gorgeous with your luscious lips!

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