Vitamins for Hair Loss

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The Need for Hair Growth Vitamins

It is well known that vitamins are absolutely essential for the health of an individual but it is a lesser known fact that proper intake of the same can actually prevent hair loss and even encourages hair growth. The vitamins help by stopping the further production of di-hydro testosterone also known as DHT. The vitamins are known to repair the wasted hair follicles and promote the growth of hair. The vitamins are also instrumental in nourishing and healing the scalp.

Reasons for Hair Loss

There can be numerous reasons for hair loss. These include prolonged illness, genetic conditions, stressful life, and hormonal imbalances. Earlier hair loss was often associated with old age but nowadays lifestyle changes have resulted in people losing hair very early in life. It is possible that the hair is not getting enough nutrients and is hugely deficient in essential hair growth vitamins. Most of the problems stem from lack of nutrition. A diet rich in essential hair loss vitamins helps in healthy growth of hair.

Essential Vitamins for Hair Loss


This belongs to the vitamin B group. It is a chemical that is required for the healthy muscles, kidney, liver, hair and the brain. When this vitamin is added to the diet of a person, it is shown to have remarkable effects in that it has been found to be effective in controlling hair loss and preventing baldness.

Vitamin C

This is one of the most important hair loss vitamins. Regular intake of this vitamin increases blood circulation in the scalp and also makes sure that the follicles get good supply of rich nutrients.


This is also called Vitamin H. This belongs to the B complex family. This vitamin has been proved to have miraculous results and promotes hair growth and also prevents excessive hair loss. This vitamin can be found in the yolk of eggs, milk, kidney, yeast and liver.


Taking zinc supplements would naturally lead to hair growth. A lack of zinc in the diet often leads to a host of scalp problems which gets back to normal when the vitamin is included again in the diet. It also prevents the hair from turning grey. Zinc can be obtained in ample quantities from wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, shrimps, egg yolks and mussels.


It is another essential hair growth vitamin. It is extremely important that protein be included in the diet. This is the major ingredient present in the shampoos and hair care products. Increasing the intake of protein has shown to have remarkable effects on preventing hair loss.

Vitamin E

This is extremely beneficial to arrest the loss of hair. It has also been shown to prevent the ageing of hair. The vitamin can be had in large measures from Soya beans, spinach, sprouts, Soya beans and the eggs.


This vitamin is very useful to stop the loss of hair. It can be obtained from yeast, wheat germ, egg yolk and liver.

Pantothenic acid

This is one of the extremely important hair loss vitamins to control hair loss. This prevents the follicles from being wasted away and encourages hair growth. This nutrient can be obtained from whole grains, potatoes, milk and kidney.

Cider Vinegar

When the loss of hair is due to poor metabolism, this vitamin should be taken to combat it. Including it in the diet stops loss of hair and also promotes further growth.

These vitamins for hair loss should be taken as directed and never more than prescribed. It might take a few months for the results to show. It will not happen overnight and more often than not it requires a lot of time and patience before any results can be shown. Besides the intake of medicines the external treatment given to the hair should also be taken into account. Regular scalp massages and proper cleansing with good quality products help in controlling the loss of hair. A proper lifestyle with healthy eating habits and exercises go a long way in combating hair loss.