Wrinkles Remedy

Wrinkles on the skin are a significance of old age and deteriorate the glow and radiance of the skin of an individual. As people grow older, wrinkles are prone to occur. However, if one takes care of the skin in a proper manner, the advent of wrinkles can be prevented to some extent. Let us here discuss some of the remedies for dealing with wrinkles.

Remedies for wrinkles

Regular facials help a great deal in controlling the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin. By way of massaging, blood circulation is increased, and tissues and muscles of the skin are tightened. This helps in giving a young and fresh look to the skin, thus toning up the skin.

A paste is made of sugarcane juice and turmeric powder and applied on the face. It is a very good remedy to fight with wrinkles and for preventing premature skin aging.

Gently crushing seedless grape of Green Thompson on the wrinkles of the face and leaving it for around twenty minutes is a very good remedy for reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

The face is rinsed with lukewarm water and allowed to dry naturally. All the wrinkles would disappear.

Rubbing pineapple’s core on face for around five to ten minutes and then allowing it to take its effect for around fifteen minutes is a very good remedy for dealing with fine wrinkles.

Castor oil is also considered to be a very effective cure for wrinkles.

Good cleansing of the face also helps in preventing the formation of wrinkles and reducing the appearance of the present wrinkles on the skin. The face is cleaned properly and the entire make up from the face is removed, so that the skin’s pores are opened up.

Make use of cleansing milk or lime juice to remove the oil from the skin. Apply some cream on the skin thereof by way of massaging it properly with the finger tips for around fifteen minutes. The face is then wiped with damp cloth. Make sure to wear sun glasses while going out in the sun, so that the advent of wrinkles is delayed.


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