Wintercare For Skin

With winter arriving shortly it is important to incorporate some home remedies in your daily life, you sure want to flaunt your baby soft skin this winter and not look for ways to cover up the dry dull skin. So go ahead and indulge in some me time this winter which is expected to last till late January!

  • Do not take long hot baths everyday since it can exacerbate dry skin during winter, instead take short, lukewarm baths. It is extremely essential to bathe before hitting the bed since sweat leads to more oil secretion and bacteria will breathe on oil and sweat. Do not skip bath after working out in the gym.
  • Avoid stress and keep your head cool, stress can damage your complexion. You can practice yoga for healthy skin.
  • Consume tomatoes everyday, this helps in reducing sun burn, also apply tomato paste on your face, it has lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Avoid fried stuff and junk food, nutrition plays a very important role in skin care, also avoid red meat, spicy food and sugar. Snack on fruits and salads, fruits protect and restore the skin specially oranges and strawberries are packed with antioxidants and are a source of Vitamin C for the skin.
  • Do not ditch your sunscreen during winter, though the sun may not be harsh during winter but the UV rays penetrate the thick layers of cloud and can substantially tan your skin, so wear your sunscreen.

Whether you practice all of the above or no but you should certainly invest in a good quality moisturiser not only for the face but also for the entire body and lips, slather on your moisturiser generously. Though moisturising is of prime importance during winter but what goes in your body will show up on your skin so think before you gorge on those french fries and burgers and chicken tandoori, combined with aerated drinks.

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