Winter Hair Fall

Hair fall during winter is a common occurrence and there are certain do’s and don’ts that need to be followed during winter. Winter hair care is critical, this is the time when your hair needs extra nourishment and deep conditioning. Treating hair with an intensive conditioning mask is the best bet. Hair tends to become dry and brittle due to the weather conditions. It can become coarse and rough, to keep it in good health hair care regime is a must. Hair care does not mean using hair products but it also means handling your hair with care.

Mishandled hair is more damaged than hair that is handled tenderly. Don’t treat your hair roughly because it doesn’t hurt you, though hair is a dead part of our body but it is our crowning glory.

We value our hair only when it is lost, don’t do this mistake, love your hair and treat it caringly and you will see how your hair will pay you back. We share some do’s and don’ts of hair care which can be useful even otherwise during non-winter season.

1) Do not use a tight head band – Elastic bands that are used either for tying a pony tail or for pulling up the hair should fit comfortably. It should not be too tight else it will pull your hair off the scalp, tight elastic bands are known to cause scarring alopecia. The constant pulling and tying action leads to hair fall, so use a band that is firm and of good quality but not very tight. You should not sense the tightness of your band, it should be comfortable.

2) Do not comb or brush frequently – Excessive brushing and combing can damage the cuticles and make your hair rough. Frequent brushing is even worse for it creates tension in the hair due to multiple bristles.

3) Oil your hair – It is important to oil your hair at least once in a week, coconut oil is the best. It has emollient properties and nourishes the shaft during the nippy months. But do not oil your hair for the whole week, some people oil their hair once in a week and leave it on for the entire week. This is a very bad practice since oil attracts grime and dust which stick to the scalp. Whenever you oil your hair, wash it the next day.

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