What is Dandruff

Dandruff can be defined as a hair/skin problem basically involving the irritation and peeling of the skin. It is not fatal or that serious but the only hitch is its effect on the social and aesthetic being of the person. Dandruff does look bad! But it must also be remembered that sometimes, it can be a precursor of some more serious health disorder. So, if you are recently getting dandruff, see to it. But before that, let’s learn some tidbits about dandruff.


Well, dandruff is easy to notice! If you have dandruff, just take a look at your shoulders. You will find white shed skin particles over there. Yes, flaking of the skin coupled with dryness is what characterizes dandruff. In many cases, it is even joined with intense itching, skin irritation and skin flaking.


Normally, dandruff is either mild or severe in adults, but infants a different type of dandruff known as cradle cap. A thick crust of dandruff forms over the scalp couple with mild peeling is the symptom. Shampooing with a baby shampooing coupled with exfoliating with a baby hair brush should wipe it off, but if it sustains and grows up to the neck or face, it is better to see a doctor.


Dandruff is mainly caused by the dryness of the skin, triggered by poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle and allergic reaction to some over-the-counter hair products. Some skin types squirt out oils that attract fungus into the scalp. That can also be a cause for the dandruff. It has also been seen that age, heredity and overall health does play a role in the formation of dandruff.


Well, the first thing you can do is to take to a dandruff shampoo that consists of zinc, sulfides, coal tar or salicylic acid. These are over-the-counter products, easily available in the local shops and the reputed ones are good. If you prefer the herbal remedy, go for the natural essential oils (coconut, almond or olive). Australian tea tree oil is also quite popular in treating with the dandruff.

But remember, if conditions persist, it’s always better to see a doctor, lest you develop something graver.


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