Ways to Beautify Dusky Skin

Beauty is not limited to the complexion or the facial features, it extends beyond it. The way one carries one self, attitude, confidence, poise and grace makes a woman beautiful.

Peaches and cream complexion tag does not hold well anymore because the dusky complexion stands in par to the fair complexioned, in beauty and style. The dark skin has resilient skin texture; it is less prone to skin breakouts such as pimple or acne.

One can look beautiful with dusky skin with a well toned figure and clear glowing skin .You have to make the right choice to look gorgeous by choosing the right makeup and accessories.

You should adopt a healthy skin care treatment, to enhance your looks. Exfoliation should be integral part of beauty regimen; it removes dead cells exposing healthier and smooth skin .Follow it with a weekly facial to tone the skin. It is easier to do make up on a healthy looking skin.

To protect  the skin from sun damage, apply sunscreen daily with a high sun protection factor. Regular application of sun screen will prevent formation of wrinkles and skin blemishes.

Dark circles can mar the beauty of the face which can be caused due to stress, poor blood circulation, hereditary factors etc. You can use concealer that is meant to cover dark circles. To combat dark circles naturally follow a home remedy of placing chilled tea bags on the eyes.

When you are donning make up, use highlighting make up on forehead, nose area and cheek bones. Moisturizer with shimmering effects is also an option to highlight facial areas. Choose water based liquid make up  color which is closer to your skin tone but not lighter than it.

If you are having acne or other skin blemishes, do not prick with your nails as it can aggravate the skin conditions. Try home remedy to control and prevent acne, apply fresh mint juice every night on clean washed face.

To look beautiful naturally with healthy glow, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins. Exercise removes the toxins through perspiration, tones the body and keeps you in shape.

Wear outfits which blend with your skin color. Have a collection of silver and white accessories. Black pearl earrings suits all skin tones, you can wear them to look classy and elegant.


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