Warts are caused by a virus called Human Papolloma Virus (HPV), they are highly infectious and contagious. You can catch them if your skin is broken, they are transmitted through clothes, towels and touch, direct contact spreads the infection. There are different types of warts, of which the most common ones are Plantar warts, Commom warts and Flat warts. Plantar warts are nothing but the warts on the sole of your foot, the warts are usually flat on the surface and leave a black mark deep inside which is caused due to dried blood.

The word plantar is the medical term used for soles of your feet. Common warts can erupt on any body part, but they often appear on hands. They are hard and round in shape, unlike plantar warts they are not flat, common warts are raised and have a rough surface. Flat warts are common amongst young kids, they are soft and dark in appearance.

The size of these warts is tiny as compared to other warts. Another type of warts is genital warts, they are present only in sexually active adults. Non-genital warts can affect all age groups and all body parts. Usually the flat warts which are softer in nature appear on areas like face, neck and back.

Common warts are usually found in the areas of hands and fingers and they appear in clusters, scratching these warts can ooze watery discharge and inflame the skin. Never prick the warts, also avoid rubbing them, do not use acid treatments, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.

Warts have a tendency to relapse, in some cases they have relapsed after several years. So, you need to look at eliminating it from the root. There are various treatments available like; Cryotherapy, Lazer treatments, Topical treatments and so on.

Of all the treatments, homeopathy seems to have a permanent cure, for it works on the root cause. But before you opt for any treatment consult your family physician. Try to keep the infected area dry and avoid touching it.

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