Top 10 Remedies For Frizzy Hair

Are you fed up of your dry and frizzy hair? Do you want to attain soft, smooth and frizz-free hair? A very dull look of the hair is attained in case of dry and frizzy hair.

It is very important to take proper care of the hair if you want to attain beautiful and frizz-free hair. Here are top ten remedies for frizzy hair.

Remedies for frizzy hair

Hair treatments such as hair coloring and hair perming lead to hair frizz. So, use of such treatments should be avoided to attain frizz free hair.

Ensure that there are no split ends in the hair. Go for regular trimming of the hair to avoid the formation of split ends in the hair. This would help in guarding against hair frizz.

Try to remain away from stress. Include meditation and yoga in your life to remain stress free. Make sure that the hair are well hydrated. Drink lot of water in a day to keep the hair well hydrated.

Eat a healthy and nutritious diet, so that the hair gets appropriate level of nutrition and grows in a healthy and strong manner. This is a very good way to attain frizz free hair. Make sure to condition your hair every time after shampooing the hair. This would make the hair soft and smooth, thus helping to fight against hair frizz.

Make sure not to rub wet hair. Rubbing the hair with towel after washing makes the hair frizzy. Rather blot dry the hair with towel. Excessive use of heat generating hair styling equipments such as blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron should be avoided. The heat that is generated from these equipments is very harmful for the hair and makes the hair frizzy.

Avoid combing the hair when wet. Run the comb in the hair when they are semi-dry or completely dry, so as to avoid hair frizz.

Massaging the scalp with warm olive oil or warm coconut oil is a very good way to moisturize the hair and attain frizz free hair. You should massage the scalp at night and wash the hair next day in the morning to attain soft, smooth and frizz-free hair.


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