Tips For Luscious Hair

Hair can often loose its luster, shine and look dull and lifeless. Limp hair is a complete turn off and no one would want their hair to appear lifeless.

If you have been suffering from poor hair health, it is time to take some action and improve the health of your hair. Don’t worry we will not ask you to try some messy ways of improving the quality and texture of your hair. We give you some easy tips that are neither time consuming nor messy.

They can make a huge difference to your mane, read on to learn more about these simple hair care tips.

Indian Gooseberry – This wonder fruit is not only good for the hair but is also good for the skin. Try to include it in your meals and make this fruit your best friend. When consumed raw it also improves eye sight apart from its other benefits. Indian Gooseberry or Amla as it is commonly known as the best fruit for mankind. It is excellent for hair care, drink the juice of amla everyday. Even half a cup is good enough, you can also apply this juice on your hair and scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with plain water, follow this regime once in a week and you will see visible difference within a month.

Moreover, it is also known to darken the hair colour, so if you have grey hair then apply amla juice once in a week and also apply amla powder soaked in tea water. Soak amla powder in an iron vessel overnight and apply this paste on your hair and scalp. It will slowly turn grey hair into black and will also add shine to the hair.

Curd – This milk product is a treat for your hair, it is an excellent conditioner and nourishes the hair shaft. Moreover, when you mix it with lemon juice, it can check dandruff and prevent any fungal or bacterial infections of the scalp. It also helps in darkening grey hair when applied with black pepper. Curd can be applied once in a week, it should be left for half an hour and then rinsed with plain water.

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