The Vintage Look

Vintage hairstyles are classic and seem to have made a comeback in the fashion world. Though they are not as elaborate as they were earlier, they have certainly created a wave in the hairstyling industry.

Several celebrities are sporting the retro look, be it their clothes, makeup or hair. But the latest rage is to go a little subtle with the looks. The beehives and bouffant’s are very much in trend but they aren’t huge anymore. They have shrunk in size and modified a bit to meet the current fashion trends.

Chignon is still sported with some crystal embedded clips and buckles. Beehives have become smaller and bouffant too is smaller in size. We share some of the famous 60’s look and give you an over view about the hairstyle, makeup and clothes so that you can achieve that perfect retro look.

Makeup – The 60’s makeup was more on the natural side, a subtle look with little sheer did the magic. Dark colours were out of question, more attention was given to neutral shades, brown and bronze. Eye makeup had more emphasis on the eye liner than the eye shadow, a thick liner was extended way beyond the eyes. Amy Winehouse sports this kind of look, she carries a beehive with thick eye liner and looks fantastic in this retro style makeup and hair do. Lips were kept neutral with a little gloss or light pink and brown lipstick. Metallic shades of lipstick and eye shadow were a rage during these golden years.

Hair – The classic beehive with long and short hair was very much in vogue. The hair was completely flicked out for a dramatic look and this kind of hair was usually worn with curls. Men would keep their hair a bit long, just around the shoulder with the frontal hair falling close to the eyes. Hair was accessorized with scarf and head bands.

Clothes – The dress up during this era was focused on leggings and short tops and was teamed with heavy jewellery like funky neck pieces and earrings. Bell bottoms had not made their entry during this decade, it was only in the 1970’s that huge bottoms had entered the fashion world.

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