The Right Makeup During Summer

Summer is a time looked forward to go for beach holidays and bask in the warm sun .The cool summer breeze and the sun kissed sands makes the vacationing a wonderful experience.

Summer means you are exposed to sun for long hours, it requires a substantial change in your makeup regime to look as gorgeous as ever. The concept of looking beautiful in summer is to look  fresh with minimal makeup. It should not be heavy.

The first and foremost in makeup is that your skin should be clean. Clean your face in the morning with a cleanser suited for your skin type, this ensures maximum effect of makeup and it stays for longer time.

Moisturizing the skin is an integral part of skin care. Apply light moisturizer on the face, allow it to absorb .If there is any excess moisturizer blot it out with a napkin.

Protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun is very crucial. According to Dermatologist sunscreen with a SPF of 30 is essential to give complete protection to the skin from the UV radiation .Allow 30 minutes for the sun screen to be absorbed from your skin before you head out.

If you tend to sweat or you if you are in a windy climate apply sunscreen more frequently or you can reapply every two hours. There are moisturizers in the market with sun filters, which makes your job easy.

Dark circles can mar you beauty, many a times this area of the face is ignored which can give a fatigued look. Use eye concealer which matches with your skin tone to look fresh and adorable.

Try using translucent tinted powder instead of foundation to cover the freckles. It also gives a matte finish. Use soft eye shadows. To beautify your lips go for nude lips or you can wear warm lip colors.

Those of you with flawless skin need very less makeup. To get an even and finished look apply tinted face cream  Define your eyes with eye pencil.Your eye makeup should be light with brown or black mascara on the eyelashes to give a fresh natural appearance.

A natural blush on the cheekbones with fresh light pink lip color can make you look stunning. To look beautiful have a dewy face, it is the right summer look.


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