The Right Hairstyle to Work

Dressing to work can be a laborious task. Especially when compounded by trying to find the right hairstyle to match your looks. Depending on the nature of the job and the kind of hair, simple, comfortable, yet desirable styles can be obtained.

Short hair, if left open, must be reinforced with pins of it has the tendency to fall over the face. The use of a mild gel can help keep this kind of hair in place if it has extra volume or bounce. Hair, even if short, must appear neat at all times. Longer hair should be tied. Ponytails can be used provided they are kept low and neat. A bun can be an elegant and comfortable option. Allow yourself the use of a net over the bun to keep loose ends unnoticed.

The nature of your job is also an important factor while choosing your hairstyle. A more casual work environment can allow you to relax slightly, and you can even take the liberty of experimenting with your hair cautiously. Jobs that require only back office operations allow you to place comfort before all else, as client interface is minimal.

Jobs where visibility is high, and interaction with and exposure to guests and clients is constant require the highest amount of attention to grooming. Styles chosen in these cases must be worked on carefully. Choose non-fussy styles that last through the day and look fresh always. Indulge in pins and clips to keep fringes, bangs and curls out of the way. Use a little oil or gel to keep hair down so that it does not start to get loose halfway through. Styles need not be very elaborate to look impressive. A well-set overshadows an untidy French roll anytime. Use hairstyles you are familiar and comfortable with.

There is always enough reason to dress well. And when you work laboriously to get your clothes and make-up right, why leave your hair behind?

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