The Perfect Hairstyle Depends on Your Face Structure

Hair style is one of the most important factors, which helps in augmenting the beauty of a woman. Women should make sure that they choose a perfect hair style, so that their features are enhanced.

The choice of the right hair style depends upon your facial features. Choosing a perfect hair style for your face shape is really a difficult task. Let us here discuss about various ways of selecting a hair style according to your face shape.

Oval-shaped face

Women with oval shape of the face are really lucky as they can carry any kind of hair style in a graceful manner. Any kind of hair style would look good on women with oval shaped face.

Heart-shaped face

Women with heart shape of the face need to provide balance to their chin. Hair styles with bangs on the side help a great deal in taking away the attention of people from chin. Such women can also go for layers which help in framing the face. However, blunt bob hair cuts should be avoided.

Round-shaped face

Women with round shape of the face should go for hair styles which help in highlighting their cheek bones. A bob hair cut which ends at jaw line would be a great choice for women with round shaped face. Women with long hair can go for layered hair style. However, perms should be avoided.

Square-shaped face

Hair styles with parting in the centre are great options for women with heart shape of the face. The blunt features of the square face are hidden in a great way with the help of centre parted hair styles.

Long-shaped face

Women with long shape of the face should go for flowing hair styles. Allow the parting in the hair to come out naturally. Wavy hair styles are best options for women with long face. However, straight hair styles with centre parting should be avoided.

Apart from taking care of the above facts while choosing the perfect hair style for your face shape, you should also seek the advice of your hair stylist and ask him/her as to which hair style would best suit you.


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