The Magic of Fenugreek

We try very often to find miracle cures for our hair. There is rarely one common product that can help treat all problems alike. Different hair types and problems need to be addressed differently. There are, however, some products that help with most ailments. One such miracle cure is fenugreek.

In any form, fenugreek when consumed is very good for the body and the hair. Whether using the leaves or the seeds, you can be assured that you are giving yourself vital nourishment. The use of fenugreek for the hair is beneficial in treating most common hair problems.

Fenugreek seeds help keep the hair black and shining. Soak the seeds in water overnight and drink the water first thing the next morning. For those with a stronger heart and stomach, you could even try chewing to seeds too. An alternative is to crush fenugreek seeds and add the powder to curd. Apply in the hair and leave for about half an hour before washing. The curd conditions while the fenugreek protects the hair.

Use fenugreek leaves crushed to a paste to check dandruff. When left in the hair for a while before washing, the paste can help not only remove any infections in the hair, but also in aids in removing flakes of dandruff.
The most potent quality of fenugreek is that it cools the system and cleans the blood. Apart from curing problems in the hair it keeps the system clean and prevents the occurrence of hair problems.

It’s always better to prevent problems than having to suffer them later. And the best way to take care of the body is to resort to natural ways that have no side effects and go a longer way in ensuring good health. So the next time you run out to buy yourself a cart full of hair care products, look into your own kitchen for help first.

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