The Magic of Black Hair

Who doesn’t desire thick, long, lustrous black hair? Everyone wants hair that is healthy, shiny and of course black. Greying is an aversion for many women and they often try to cover up grey hair in different ways.

But the ugly roots crop up at the wrong time and you need a very regular touch up to keep the roots coloured all the time. Root touch ups can be very frustrating since it requires regular visit to the salon. Moreover, too many chemicals are damaging for the hair. Excess use of hair colour can make your hair dry and frizzy. They suck up the natural oils of your hair and cause even more greying. It is said that dry and dehydrated are prone to greying. So, how do we deal with this problem?

Well, it is best to avoid greying of hair but if you have already been affected by this condition then take some action now. We suggest some home care tips that can bring back life to your grey strands and turn them black. Yes, you got it right, there are some home remedies to turn grey hair into black.

Read on to learn more about it.

Black Hair Tip # 1 – Soak the powder of Indian Gooseberry (amla), Shikakai and Reetha for three nights in an iron bowl. Stir it at leats 3 times in a day to ensure that the entire paste turns dark black in colour. Use black tea without sugar to soak this powder and apply it after three days. Leave it for two to three hours and rinse with plain water. Repeated use of these herbs will turn your hair black, the results can be visible instantly.

Black Hair Tip # 2 – Apply amla juice on your hair and scalp every week. This will not only take care of the greys, but will also nourish the hair and prevent hair fall. Amla is known to add shine to the hair and is a perfect treatment for grey hair since they tend to become dry. Grey hair is twice more likely to dryness since it lacks elasticity and amla juice will nourish it from within.

Black Hair Tip # 3 – Curd mixed with black pepper powder is another such remedy that darkens hair colour. Apart from making your hair black, it will also check dandruff and acts as a conditioner for the hair.

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